Press Play On Tape: Colour Clash

PPOT_eps4_TitleAs the weather cools down outside, the PRESS PLAY ON TAPE dudes, Alex and Daz, rug up and settle in with a hot cuppa and invite Andy Godoy (UK podcaster of the Retro Gaming Daily Show Podcast) to talk about Sir Clive Sinclair’s ZX Spectrum.

The gushing for the rainbow striped black beauty is overwhelming, as we reminisce about the 8-bit British powerhouse and reflect on the many games, good and bad. Andy tells us about the magazines that all Speccy owners couldn’t go without, and he reflects on the schoolyard arguments of which micro was better as the 8-bit war intensified on those British school grounds! Alex procrastinates about his publisher of choice for this month, settling for the Darling’s Codemasters!

Settle in and take a listen, your ears will thank you for it.

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