Didn’t You Have That When You Were 12?!

DYHTWYW12_HDRWhen filmmaker, director of Knightfall, retro gaming enthusiast and podcaster Ben Campbell asks you to be on his Didn’t You Have That When You Were 12?! podcast, you can’t say yes fast enough!

I was privileged to be Ben’s inaugural guest and I must admit, I was nervous. Being a British expat now living in Australia, Ben was surveying the land down under for retrogaming friends and found yours truly. To say we hit it off would be a gross understatement. Making his guest feel comfortable, I found myself opening up and discussing personal matters interwoven in the narrative of my retro gaming story.

Take a listen as Ben and I nerd out about the Vectrex and discuss the best port of Double Dragon. I go on to reveal the bittersweet moment my dad and I found a Sega Dreamcast kiosk on the side of the road and I delve into a few of my most prized pieces in my collection. To hear the rest you’ll have to hit play on the Didn’t You Have That When You Were 12?! podcast.

source: Didn’t You Have That When You Were 12?!