Hot Mobile Gaming: The Handheld PC-Engine

If you haven’t been able to afford the astronomical prices for the PC-Engine GT (TurboExpress in the States) or the PC-Engine LT, then this DIY kit may be what you were looking for to morph your trusty PC-Engine into a mobile gaming powerhouse!

Sporting a 4 inch LCD and a custom 3D printed case (in varying colours), this awesome kit by Team Mercurius transforms the trusty original PC-Engine (and CoreGrafx & CoreGrafx II) console into one beast of a mobile gaming system. The unit operates via a USB power supply or you could hack and include a mobile battery for some true retro gaming on the go.

The whole kit will cost you under AU$200, however, the retailer (Ken Chan) does not sell internationally, so you will need a friend based in Japan or a proxy service to buy and ship it for you (when it is available).

image source: Akiba PC Hotline & Mercurius

[Story via Akiba PC Hotline!]

Handcrafted, Vintage and Unique Retro Gaming Goodies

When our friends at Pinball Press covered handcrafted and unique pinball products on Etsy, we have a lot of you asking us to do the same for retro gaming. So your wish is our command!

Here is a selection of pretty cool retro gaming items on Etsy to suit any budget and any occasion – let’s go shopping!

Sega Seal Of Quality

Streets Of Rage 3D Shadow Box Art – framed

Hylian Shield Wooden Pin – Zelda

Awesome Nostalgia Retro Gaming T-Shirt

Game Over – enamel pin

Street Fighter – Ryu: 3D Shadow Box Art (framed)

80’s Retro Gaming Cartridge Throw Pillow Case

Altered Beast T-SHIRT / Beast Mode Gym / Retro Gaming / Unisex

Video Game Controller Poster

Oregon Trail Mug

Pokemon 3D Shadow Box Art (Framed)

NES Controller Patch

Retro NES Controller Card – A Card For Any Occasion (Birthday, Christmas, Gift)

Pixelated Heart Deco Coin Necklace

Custom Commodore 64 Printed Converse Sneakers



Love Hultén: Drool-worthy Gaming Creations

We have featured Love Hultén previously, so we thought we’d share more of their other drool-worthy one-of-a-kind gaming creations!

If you didn’t know, Love Hultén (LH) fuses traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, creating unique objects in an unexpected merge of form and function. By playing with preconceptions about art and design – the social, cultural and historical relations to objects we all share – LH tears consensual connections apart and provides a new context. Love Hultén presents genuine and attractive alternatives to contemporary appliances, adding unforeseen functionality, delicate execution and mystique.

You have to agree, these are mind-blowingly beautiful and just simply sublime!

Pet De Lux

Pixelvision 2.0




Pocket Spin


image source: Love Hultén


Using A Real Car As A Mario Kart 64 Controller

There are some cool and crazy mods out there, and then there is this one!

Let’s face it, not everyone is a fan of the N64 controller, so what does one do to compensate for this deficit? If you are Dan Hlavenka, you grab your dad’s Chevrolet Volt and hack a Raspbery Pi with a CANbus (PiCAN2) shield that plugs between the OBD-II port and a laptop with tools and a N64 emulator. Once all the controls are mapped and setup, you use the real Volt’s steering wheel, accelerator and brake pedals to play one of the best N64 games ever!

Pfft, who needs the N64 controller when you can use a real car instead.

video source: Gordon Hlavenka

[source: technabob]


Mini 3D Printed Classic Consoles and Computers

Do you want to collect retro gaming consoles and retro computers? Do you have a space issue?

If you answered yes to both questions, then Dave Nunez of Rabbit Engineering has a solution for you! Dave has created and 3D printed a series of more than 100 miniature devices and peripherals based on classic old school computers and video game consoles, each of which is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (Ed: space issue solved!). They may not be exact replicas or to scale, but they definitely capture the spirit and style of the system to induce nostalgia!

Here is a sample of Dave’s very cool creations – you can check out the rest via his Rabbit Engineering Etsy store.

image source: Rabbit Engineering

[via: technabob]


Introducing the Wee Nintendo Wii

Ah, why the hell not. We love it when people do stuff just because they can!

Would you play on this wee Wii in an Altoids tin?

source: Shank Mods


Super Mario Bros. Maze for a Rat!

If you’ve read the headline and are thinking, “What? Why?”, then you are not alone. Nevertheless, we are always intrigued by retro gaming reference material used for other means. Actually, this one is quite cool!

The Q channel shows us how to build an awesome Super Mario Bros. style maze for a rat using cardboard and paint. Obviously the maze had to be tested, so their pet rat named Shelly goes in to show Mario how it is done! Spoiler alert, Shelly figures out how to make it through to the end. Told ya this is quite cool.

source: The Q