Retro Gamer Wedding Cake

Are you planning a wedding? Are you a hardcore retro gamer who would like to incorporate some sort of classic gaming fragment into your special day?

If your partner is willing, then perhaps you need to get this wedding cake – it projects your favourite games!

source: POSHdjs


Play Online: Nintendo 8-Bit Games

Don’t have a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) to get your nostalgic hit? Don’t stress, you can go straight to the site and play all your favourite Nintendo 8-bit games right on your browser!

I know some will say that it is not like the real thing, but hey, not all of us are inclined to own all the old consoles. So go ahead and enjoy some 8-bit action.


Did You Know Gaming: Donkey Kong

The DYKG crew have done it again! This time around, Nintendo’s Donkey Kong gets the Did You Know Gaming treatment. I confess, I am a huge fan of their site and love finding out stuff I had forgotten about or did not know at all. Press play and enjoy the history.

source: DYKGaming

Stop Motion: Donkey Kong and Final Fantasy

If you have had enough of blowing into your NES cartridges, you may want to do what GuizDP does – create your own stop motion game based on your favourite video gaming franchises.

Stop Motion: Donkey Kong

source: GuizDP

Stop Motion: Final Fantasy

source: GuizDP


It’s On Like Donkey Kong

On this day (July 9) in 1981, Nintendo unleashed Donkey Kong in the arcades! Since then, millions of gamers have fallen in love with the great Nintendo gorilla. DK (as he is affectionately known) has gone from being the villain to now being the hero.

From humble beginnings – kidnapping Pauline and throwing barrels at a plumber, DK has come a long way and truly grown up. He has definitely kept us all entertained. Happy Birthday big fella!

What is your favourite DK game?


Image source: Cheezburger

Donkey Kong Battle: Tabletop vs Game & Watch


Battle lines have been drawn. It is the ultimate clash of the (old school) portable Donkey Kong games: Tabletop vs Game & Watch.

How did this skirmish pan out ? Read the full article (by yours truly) on Nintendo Life.