EB Games Expo 2015: It’s A Wrap

EB_Expo15_HDRWhat do you get when a bunch of great friends invite you to Sydney to participate and assist in their retro gaming exhibit at one of the biggest gaming events of the year? You get a huge rush of adrenaline mixed with a massive dose of fun that lasts for 5 days!

This past weekend, I attended the EB Games Expo 2015 (EBExpo15) in Sydney, assisting the Weird and Retro crew in their Interactive History Museum (IHM) exhibit. Even though I have now come back to reality, the buzz of EBExpo15 is still high – I hope the buzz lasts a little while yet.

It all started three days before EB Games Expo 2015 – we picked up the rental truck, packed all the retro gaming gear and pop-culture goodies and set off for our ‘retro road trip’ to Sydney (Ed: we’ll save the story of the retro road trip for another time). Once arriving in Sydney, the bump-in was relatively easy, with all of us working in unison, we had setup the Interactive History Museum (IHM) with items from the 80s, 90s and 00s, from retro gaming systems, retro video games, to a myriad of pop-culture gear, we had three decades worth of nostalgia covered in the one area.

Once EBExpo15 kicked off, it was great to see attendees flocking to the IHM area and enjoying themselves by playing video games they hadn’t seen since they were a child or wowing at the sight of the Sale Of The Century board game with Tony Barber in the 90s section. The age range of attendees was varied, but each person that took a trip down memory lane in the IHM was not disappointed – there was something to do and see for everyone. There were plenty of compliments, which always makes you feel that all the hard work was worthwhile, like this one from a very happy patron, “Your stand was my favourite of all time!!! Thank you for showing the next generation the amazing technology advancement from when I was a kid to now. I was born in the 70’s, so my childhood of gaming was experienced in the 80’s and it was wonderful to relive all those great times. Once again, thank you.

EBExpo15 wasn’t just about the IHM. The main hall was packed with modern gaming with all the big players in the industry being present, from Sony Playstation Australia showing off their VR headset, Xbox Australia garnering interest with their Xbox One wares, to Nintendo Australia and New Zealand doing what they do best – gaming and running gaming related competitions. And what exhibition is complete without amazing Cosplay. At EBExpo15, there were cosplayers representing every medium – TV, gaming, comics and movies. The cosplayers were all equally amazing to see and humble when approached to be photographed.

Like all good things, EBExpo15 concluded on Sunday (Oct 4). After 5 days in Sydney, we had to pack up the gear (Ed: very carefully!) and make our way down the Hume Highway back to unseasonably warm Melbourne. So, was it all worth it and was it fun? Let’s just say we had the gunnest time ever! Roll on EB Games Expo 2016!

Thank you to the Weird and Retro team: Serby, Stacey, Jerry, Pedro and Kano for allowing me to share in the EB Games Expo 15 shenanigans!

Where on the road to…… EB Games Expo (Sydney)

Pit-stop – the Ice Man (Jerry) enjoys a bit of cocktail action

Isuzu trucks – they are not so squeezy

We arrive at Sydney’s Showground!

Pass picked up – time to go in and start setting up

The Interactive History Museum – let’s go in!

Totally 80’s – computers!

Totally 80’s – consoles!

Never forget the 90’s!

The mighty SNES

The Jaguar museum piece was a personal fave!

The Noughties represent!

Taking a sneak peek at the PlayStation exhibit in the main hall

Freeplay City – the calm before the storm!

Retro Gamer Rival (Pedro) making us drool over his mint warez!

Getting our gear on before the start of EB Expo 15!

Drool worthy!

Stuffing our faces – a growing body needs sustenance!

I love this computer. There, it has been said!

The write-up for the Jag was pure gold!

Taking more sneaky peeks into what PlayStation will have for us in the near future

Yours truly making some last minute adjustments to the 90’s museum display

Loving the view!

It’s showtime! The IHM proves popular with all patrons

Yay, Zool action!

The popular 90s!

Weird and Retro’s Serby enjoying a bit of bongo action on Donkey Konga!

Mega Man made it to the expo!

Sonic enjoyed on the Mega Drive by the new generation

Even the dark side of the force enjoys a bit of retro gaming

I wanna bust out the Barry Crocker tune now!

Checking out the main hall during our breaks

Serby enjoys an old classic on new hardware. Oh wait…..

The EB Games mega-store was MEGA (and always packed)!

So many temptations in the EB Games mega-store

Whoa, Lego Mario and Luigi!

More Lego retro gaming creations! *want*


Oh my gawd! This is my kind of arcade!

Meanwhile, back in the IHM, we find Link and his Fairy!

May the force be with you!

16-bit Mortal Kombat WaR!

My childhood in the 80s!

16-bit goodies

XBox royalty!

If only this was $9.99!

Busting out the vinyl

Spin that wheel! I’m a make you feel….

Taking a pinball break! This means WaR!


Whoa, that’s green!

Ubisoft crashes the party!

On my best behaviour

Sonic competes at the Nintendo stand!

We made it on the Gamespot #EBExpo15 social media wall!

Best tattoos at show!

Mini Luigi beating his bro on Super Mario Kart

Star-Lord and Drax the Destroyer enjoying some Dayyyyytoooooona USA!

Ah, all good things must come to an end.

On The Road To EB Games Expo 2015

EB_Expo_Titleimage source: techradar

This time of year is always the best! The weather starts warming up, trees start blossoming, the major sporting codes play their respective finals and the biggest gaming event hits Sydney – it is, EB Games Expo 2015 time!

For the first time ever, ausretrogamer will be attending EB Games Expo 2015, assisting the Weird and Retro (WaR) crew in the Retro Central Park area. As you may (or may not) have known, Weird and Retro have been running the Retro Central Park area (formerly known as the Retro Gamer Garden) within the Freeplay City attraction at EB Games Expo for the last two years.

After hearing about all of the fun the WaR team has had at previous EB Games Expo events, we knew we wanted to be part of the action. We begged and groveled till they relented and allowed us to hit the road with them to Sydney (Ed: Um, this may not have been how it went down!).

To say we are looking forward to EB Games Expo 2015 would be a great understatement – we can’t wait! It will be great to travel with awesome friends and experience this event first hand. If you are attending, please come by the Retro Central Park area and get a hit of nostalgia by playing some old classics, or come by to check out the Interactive History Museum – you’ll have a ball! Hope to see you there!

The essentials are packed!

Event: EB Games Expo 2015
When: October 2 – 4, 2015
Where: Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park