Free eBook: The History of Psygnosis

RA_Episode_92_Psygnosis__Do you like free stuff? What a silly question to ask. Of course you do!

The Retro Asylum crew, together with Paul Driscoll, have created an excellent eBook on one of video gaming’s iconic developer, Psygnosis. Who could forget their awesome box-art (and brilliant games too)!

Do yourself a favour and grab the eBook here (it is free!). While you are at it, you may want to listen to the companion ‘The History of Psygnosis’ podcast too.


The Making Of R-Type: A Free Book By Bob Pape

Book - Front Cover

There is something altruistic when a bedroom coder documents one of their gaming creations in a tell-all book and then releases it for free!

That is exactly what Bob Pape has done. Mr. Pape, take a bow Sir. We thank you for writing It’s Behind You: The Making Of A Computer Game and sharing your experiences in coding one of the greatest shoot’em ups of all time – R-Type for the ZX Spectrum. On behalf of all gamers, modern and retro, thank you!

Get your free copy of It’s Behind You: The Making Of A Computer Game book here.