The Only TMNT Live-Action Film You Need To Watch

TMNT picHere is an awesome shot-for-shot remake of the opening to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon apparently made for a high school talent show. I’ve no doubt this entry was the winner – these guys are my heroes in a half-shell!

source: Ploobers & Geekologie


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Super Mario Seinfeld: A Parody About Nothing

Mario_SeinfeldI reckon Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld should get together with Nintendo and thrash out some rights to get this show syndicated! If this is a taste of a typical episode, then I know I would watch. What do you reckon?

source: Esquire Bob Animations

Street Fighter Trolling


Let me start off by saying, this is damn funny! It just had to be shared. Watch what happens when you superimpose your favourite Street Fighter characters to real life videos – absolutely hilarious! I promise you, there will be no dry eyes after viewing this video.

source: Street Troller

12 Video Game Characters With Identifiable Mental Disorders

Did you ever have an inkling there was something NQR (Not Quite Right) about your favourite video game character? How about that rippling Russian behemoth, Zangief, or that speedy gold-ring eating blue hedgehog, Sonic? I always suspected something about these two. Thank you  to the team at, they have finally released the  dossier on 12 video game characters that may require medical intervention.