Gore & Watch: Zombie Feeding Frenzy

ZombieFeedingFrenzyHave you got a hankering to play a Game & Watch style zombie game on your Android device? Well, look no further! Pixelation Studios have mashed together some zombies and humans with Gunpei Yokoi’s handheld wonderment to bring you Zombie Feeding Frenzy.

With two distinct game modes, everyone is catered for – from the nostalgists wanting a classic G&W style game, to the arcade enthusiasts wanting to immerse themselves in a full-on feeding frenzy with awesome graphics and power-ups. Both game modes have their own individual highscore tables for the competitive types, so get munching on some humans and get Zombie Feeding Frenzy now, it’s free!


Top 5 Games Charts: March 1981

Let’s rewind back to March 1981, dead smack in the middle of a thriving arcade age and a killer home console scene. These were heady times for Atari – they were dominating the arcades and the home video games market.

To find out what we were playing as youngsters, here are the top 5 games from March 1981 for the Atari 2600, Arcade and the venerable Game & Watch.

 Atari2600 1) Dragster (Activision)
2) Pele’s Soccer (Atari)
3) Video Pinball (Atari)
4) Fishing Derby (Activision)
5) Golf (Atari)


 galaga_arcade_machine 1) Pac-Man (Namco)
2) Missile Command (Atari)
3) Battlezone (Atari)
4) Defender (Williams Electronics)
5) Space Panic (Universal)


 GandW 1) Fire (Nintendo)
2) Manhole (Nintendo)
3) Helmet (Nintendo)
4) Vermin (Nintendo)
5) Flagman (Nintendo)