Book Review: GameCube Anthology

Geeks Line Publishing’s Anthology book series have so far been nothing short of brilliant. Their new GameCube Anthology is no exception, with excellent content and overall quality that will draw you in.

The GameCube Anthology, just like its predecessors, comprehensively details everything that is to know about Nintendo console. Chronicling it’s early days, this tome pulls no punches when it comes to detailing the stiff competition from Sony and its foundation for its successor, the Nintendo Wii.

Accompanying the great written content is the equally impressive photography – the breadth of photos cover the full gamut, from detailed hardware shots to exhaustive photos of GameCube games.

As mentioned, the depth of information and facts covered does true justice to Nintendo’s excellent GameCube system. This book is truly hard to fault. One of our fave sections in the book is the coverage of unreleased titles – which rounds off what is a must have book for any GameCube fan or gaming historians.

This book is an easy recommendation – go and get it right now!

Title: GameCube Anthology
Publisher: Geeks Line Publishing
Available from: Amazon

Disclosure: GameCube Anthology (Classic Edition) was kindly provided by Geeks Line Publishing for this review.


Super Nintendo Anthology: The Ultimate Book

If there is one sure thing, it’s that Geeks-Line Publishing know how to create brilliant gaming tomes. Their latest book, Super Nintendo Anthology has launched on Kickstarter and it has already blasted past its goal.

Geeks-Line had so much content on Nintendo’s 16-bit beast that they had to split the Anthology into two volumes, one for Software and the other for Hardware. There is also a Kickstarter exclusive “Ultimate Edition” where the software and hardware volumes are bundled together in a super-duper slipcase. With a combined 620+ pages, this is going to be MEGA! Oh yeah, have no fear as Geeks-Line always delivers on their crowdfunded projects. If you already have the PlayStation, N64 and GameCube Anthologies, you know what to expect – lots of awesomeness!

As already mentioned, the 620+ pages will be richly illustrated with documents from the period, with the two Super Nintendo Anthology volumes recounting the life story of the Kyoto-based giant’s wondrous 16-bit console and delve deep into its huge international games library. This will be the definitive SNES work of reference.

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Table of contents (“Ultimate” Edition):

Software Edition

  • The Complete Official Games Library (1724 games)
  • All Games in Alphabetical Order
  • The Box Art of each Game
  • Alternative Game Titles by Region
  • ‘After-Market’ Games
  • Canceled Games

Hardware Edition

  • The SNES Epic
  • Hiroshi Yamauchi: The Man behind the Machine
  • A New Revolution Is Afoot
  • Rise of the 16-bit Machines
  • Observe – Create – Play
  • War on the Horizon
  • The First Announcement
  • The Japanese Launch
  • The American Launch
  • The European Launch
  • The View from the Top
  • A New Era
  • Swansong and Beyond
  • Secrets of the Hardware
  • Accessories (Official and Unofficial)
  • Interviews with People Who Made History
  • Developers’ Words
  • Collectible Treasures
  • Bundles & Collectors’ Editions from around the World


source: Geeks-Line’s Super Nintendo Anthology on Kickstarter


Book Review: PlayStation Anthology

Book: PlayStation Anthology (Classic or Collector Editions)
Publisher: Geeks-Line Publishing
Pages: 386 pages (Classic Edition) / 458 pages (Collector Edition)
Price $USD: $44.90 (Classic Edition) / $55.90 (Collector Edition – currently unavailable)
Available from: Amazon

After impressing us with their Nintendo 64 Anthology, Geeks-Line Publishing has taken its next book, PlayStation Anthology in a different direction. The result is a great read that not only explains Sony’s origins and the rise of its first console, but also includes some amazing interviews with a number of high-profile devs, like Jason Rubin, Yuji Horii, Kanta Watanabe and Suda51 to name just a few. It is let down in places by some low quality images, but it still manages to do an incredible job of retelling the story of Sony’s market dominance.

To add to the level of detail that the book offers, it finishes with a collector’s guide that lists every single PlayStation game that was officially published. This book was touted as a celebration of a console that brought wonder into the lives of many (us included), and a brand that reshaped the whole entertainment industry – we reckon the authors have definitely achieved this and surpassed what they had promised.

This IS the definitive book on Sony’s PlayStation. You won’t find any other book that covers so much detail on the original PlayStation as this one does, so we recommend you get yourself the PlayStation Anthology tome right now!

Disclosure: The ‘PlayStation Anthology’ book was kindly provided by Geeks-Line for this article.