Underpin: A Physical Undertale Pinball Machine!

Checking out all of the custom and homebrew pinball machines showcased at the 2017 Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC) event, Kelly Corcoran (aka: Gornkleschnitzer) was inspired to create a physical Undertale pinball machine!

Making pinball machines is not an easy feat, but when you have talent, passion, perseverance and patience, anything is possible. Having all of these traits in abundance, Kelly commenced this project by choosing a theme and then creating the playfield design utilising Visual Pinball.

For those that want to nerd out on the specifications, Kelly initially set the game up to be driven by a Raspberry Pi 3B, but then ran into serious performance issues when trying to push full-screen animation (via the Allegro video game library) to the LCD. The Raspberry Pi setup was superseded with a full desktop motherboard inside the cabinet. The playfield is controlled by a trio of Teensy 3.5 boards.

source: Kelly Corcoran

With the Underpin machine being completed two years to the day, it was apt that the Undertale Pinball Edition custom pinball machine made its debut at the 2019 Midwest Gaming Classic event. Kelly advises that there are modes and features that still need implementing with a future software overhaul, but the entire experience had been massively fun and frustrating, but the custom pinball creating bug has bitten hard. We can’t wait to see what Kelly comes up with next!


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[story source: Pinside and HackADay]


Power Glove Hacked: It’s So Bad

PowerGloveUniversalHID_TitleForget Lucas Barton declaring his love of the Power Glove because it was so BAD. Yep, the Power Glove was a terrible peripheral, but goddammit, it was so damn cool! What’s there not to have liked about it when you looked like a cyborg with it on!

Now imagine if the Power Glove was a useful peripheral! Imagine no more, as computer engineering genius, Nolan Moore has devised a Power Glove UHID (Universal Human Interface Device) project to overhaul Nintendo’s peripheral with modern sensors and wireless communication to provide the ability to use gesture and motion controls with almost anything you can think of, but in style!

Check out the video below of what has been achieved thus far with this oh so bad peripheral! Keep up to date with the project by visiting Hackaday.io. Thanks to Nolan, we can (at last!) say that the Power Glove is sooooo good!

source: HACKADAY