Evercade – It’s Coming!

A new console has been announced and it looks very intriguing!

The Evercade is a brand new handheld console with unique multi-game retro cartridges from leading games publishers and console platforms. The first publisher to jump onboard, Atari, will be bringing 20 of their classic game carts from their 2600 and 7800 back catalogue. We are are eagerly awaiting news on future publishers.

Little is known at this stage about the Evercade, but the few bits and pieces of information has definitely piqued our interest, like:

  • An ever expanding library of games
  • Officially licensed content
  • No internet connection required
  • Collectable elements (unleash the trophy hunter inside of you!)
  • Save game progress; and
  • Connect to your TV via HDMI (sounds good to us)

The Evercade is one retro playing console we will keep an eye on and let you know more details as they come to hand.


Retro Handheld: Burger King Game Boy Color

This is an old one, but we thought it was still worth repeating, in case you missed it the first time around.

If you were lucky enough to have had a meal at Burger King in 2000, you may have been handed a plastic replica of the Game Boy Color which had analogue games built in.

Fast forward a decade and a half and that cute little Burger King Game Boy Colour toy with its analogue games has been DIY hacked with a Raspberry Pi Zero stuffed inside, morphing it into an awesomely cool and working Game Boy Colour emulator! Wish we were this clever.

[original story and images via Technobob]