Rebooting The Atari Jaguar

It is wonderful receiving gifts, but it is even more so when they are awesome cartridge-based Atari Jaguar video games!

The very generous Lawrence Staveley (aka: CJ Reboot) of Reboot Games sent us two cartridge games, Cyrano Jones’ Downfall Plus and Bubble Bobble Arcade to make our Jaguar purr. To top of these amazing carts, they both light up when the Jag is powered on!

The Atari Jaguar development and homebrew scene keeps thriving, and it is because of dedicated folks like Reboot that ensure we have fresh content to play on the 26 year old 64-bit cat. Long may it continue!

Oh yeah, both games are great, making them very hard to put down. Speaking of which, we reckon it is time we get out of here and sneak in a few more games ūüėČ

Thanks again to CJ Reboot for these generous Atari Jaguar gaming gifts – we were, and still are totally blown away!


Underpin: A Physical Undertale Pinball Machine!

Checking out all of the custom and homebrew pinball machines showcased at the 2017 Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC) event, Kelly Corcoran (aka: Gornkleschnitzer) was inspired to create a physical Undertale pinball machine!

Making pinball machines is not an easy feat, but when you have talent, passion, perseverance and patience, anything is possible. Having all of these traits in abundance, Kelly commenced this project by choosing a theme and then creating the playfield design utilising Visual Pinball.

For those that want to nerd out on the specifications, Kelly initially set the game up to be driven by a Raspberry Pi 3B, but then ran into serious performance issues when trying to push full-screen animation (via the Allegro video game library) to the LCD. The Raspberry Pi setup was superseded with a full desktop motherboard inside the cabinet. The playfield is controlled by a trio of Teensy 3.5 boards.

source: Kelly Corcoran

With the Underpin machine being completed two years to the day, it was apt that the Undertale Pinball Edition¬†custom pinball machine made its debut at the 2019 Midwest Gaming Classic event. Kelly advises that there are modes and features that still need implementing with a future software overhaul, but the entire experience had been massively fun and frustrating, but the custom pinball creating bug has bitten hard. We can’t wait to see what Kelly comes up with next!


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[story source: Pinside and HackADay]


The 65-inch Nintendo Switch TV

It is no secret that we are huge fans of the Nintendo Switch. It seems that there are even bigger fans of Nintendo’s hybrid console, just like Suprman9!

Suprman9 has taken their love of the Switch to a level that we reckon is really really cool – turning their bland 65-inch TV into a giant Nintendo Switch, complete with coloured Joy-Con side panels. The Switch TV is the centrepiece of Suprman9’s game room, conveniently named, Nerdvana!

Check out the photos below and then head here to check out the entire build process. Got to hand it to Suprman9, they are definitely super Nintendo fans with some gnarly DIY skills.

[story source: technabob]

YouTuber Enables Floppy Disk Games For Smartphones

Whoa, this YouTuber has figured out how to play floppy disk games on his Android smartphone! If only this can be done on iOS devices……

Doom Pinball: A One Of A Kind Pinball Machine

Imagine if you will, Doom, one of the best First Person Shooter (FPS) video games of all time, was somehow turned into a pinball machine.

Well, imagine no more, as Pinsider Bonnevil69 has created a custom pinball machine based on the brilliant game Doom. If there was a video game that was perfect for a pinball theme, then Doom is certainly it!
This labour of love took some time to be made, but boy oh boy, was it worth it. Using Mutlitmorphic’s P3-ROC pinball control system as the brains of the machine, Bonnevil69 also used  the pinball programming Skeleton framework to build the software and ruleset of the game.

Our only wish would be for this machine to be mass produced, but alas, that will probably never happen.

[source: Pinside]


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Kill Bill Pinball: It’s Pinnovating!

Where would we be without clever and innovative people? We’d probably still be rubbing sticks together to create fire!

Thank-goodness for extremely clever peeps (Ed: We are looking at you Dennis Van de Pas)! The team behind the homebrew made The Matrix pinball machine and Demolition Man On Steriods, Pinnovating has done it again with their third project based on another cult movie classic, Kill Bill!

Just like they re-programmed Johnny Mnemonic into The Matrix, Pinnovating took¬†Bally’s World Cup Soccer 94 and turned it into Kill Bill¬†– The Whole Bloody Affair. This may sound easy, but after 4 years and 3,000+ hours of toil, the changes don’t seem simple anymore. A lot of work (and love) went into changing the playfield layout, the handcrafted artwork, sound effects and of course, the visuals running on a 27‚Ä≥¬†HD screen supported by a classic DMD (Dot-Matrix-Display). Let’s not forget the programming, as without it, you’d have a hefty paperweight. The enormous programming task was accomplished by using the P-ROC hardware system. We wonder what they will make next???

For those in the UK, you can get your hands bloodied on this machine at UKPinfest in August. We just wish this beautiful machine would make it down here in Australia.

source: Pinnovating on Facebook

image source: Pinnovating on Facebook



Grab Some New Atari Jaguar and 2600 Games!

Get your Atari 2600 and Jaguar consoles ready, as AtariAge has released six new games for pre-order!

The Atari 2600 gets, Super Cobra Arcade, Space Cactus Canyon and Draconian, while the Jag gets Escape 2042, AstroStorm and the Jeff Minter Classics, Llamatron 2112 and Revenge Of The Mutant Camels!

All six new games will feature high-quality, professionally printed boxes, manuals and labels. Draconian, Super Cobra Arcade and the Jeff Minter Classics will include a poster featuring the box art for each game (and the best part, the Jeff Minter Classics poster is double-sided!).

We are quite excited about these games, but it is the Jaguar Jeff Minter Classics we are most looking forward to! Hit the AtariAge Store now and grab yourself some cool new games for your old Atari hardware.

image source: AtariAge