The Incredible Arcade Warehouse in Japan

Oh My Gosh! Micah Moore, the cool peep that explores the strange and wonderful as part of his Legend of Micah Facebook page has done exactly that – explored the strange, wonderful and incredible arcade in Kawasaki, Japan, modelled after the Kowloon Walled City – an infamous slum in Hong Kong. The Amusement Game Park Kawasaki (Anata No) Warehouse has narrow alleys, flickering lights and the sounds of an underground marketplace that create a maze filled with 80’s and 90’s arcade games.

Taishiro Hoshino, an art designer for kabuki theatre, painstakingly reproduced signs and posters from the real Kowloon Walled City, which was demolished in the early 90’s. This arcade is going on the bucket list immediately!

Big thanks to Skooota for letting us know about this one!

source: Legend of Micah – Facebook


Retro Gaming Refashioning Japanese Style

Care to use Twitter on your Game Boy? Perhaps you would rather use Microsoft’s Office applications on Nintendo’s little coloured beast? I know, you want to Skype your friend with vintage equipment!

Ah yes, welcome to good use of retro gaming gear Japanese style! You got to hand it to the Japanese, they know how to refashion old equipment and make you notice it. I wish I was this clever. Now hand me those SNES headphones and scroll through these epic pics!










Arcade Machine Graveyards

Old school arcade machines may be enjoying a resurgence thank you to the success of barcades, but in their native land of Japan, some are left in haikyo (廃墟) – amusement centre graveyards.

These are just some of the shocking pictures from arcade graveyards where machines and their surroundings have been left in ruin. My heart breaks at seeing these majestic machines left in such disarray. If only they could all be saved!








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