The Difficulty of Jeopardy! Makes It Fun

By: D.C. Cutler, U.S.A.

Playing Jeopardy! on the Playstation 2 is like writing poetry; it’s challenging and difficult, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable. Also, like writing poetry, you never know if you’re actually any good at it. I’m exceptional at Jeopardy! when it comes to categories like history, science and movies; I’m not bad at sports as a category either. But playing the Playstation 2 game gives me no indication of how I would actually perform on the television show.

I’ve never seen the same categories or answers come up twice after years of playing the 2003 game. On the case, it says “Over 5,200 answers!” I believe it.

1 to 3 players can play the game. I enjoy playing solo against two other contestants. There’s a lot of pressure to spell out the right question with your controller. You watch the countdown nervously as you’re trying to spell out the correct question. I’ve always been pretty good at clicking in first to answer. If I was on the actual hit show, I have no idea how fast I’d be able to use my clicker. That’s an important factor in being able to perform well over the course of the game.

image source: psxplanet

The game has sample contestant exams, but I’ve never tried to take one. Maybe I’m a little intimidated? And a game is supposed to be fun; the thought of taking an exam when you put the disk in the system doesn’t sound like fun. Playing the game against two simulated players is in a way an exam. It’s certainly a challenge that can become addictive.

At times, I’ve played Jeopardy! for hours. You can play a complete game in about 30 to 40 minutes; it depends on how long it takes you and your opponents to give the correct question. And just like the show, a player can take over the categories if an opponent’s answer is incorrect.

Selecting a Daily Double is a bit nerve-racking. If my score is over $10,000, I get conservative and bet very little. If my score is under that amount, I go for it and bet as much as I think I can get away with. There is nothing worse than missing Final Jeopardy! because you’re busted.

First-person shooter games and sports games can sometimes feel repetitive and tedious. Jeopardy! never gets boring and it keeps you guessing. The game is a challenge that never disappoints, and you can learn something.