Sega and Taito Sounds Hit The KORG Gadget On The Nintendo Switch

As Queen’s Freddy Mercury once sang, ” Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?“. Could we be dreaming? The KORG music production studio will allow (from July 11) you to create 80s Sega arcade game sounds and Taito FM synth sounds on your Nintendo Switch.

Yep, dreams do come true! With the awesome collaboration between ‘SEGA’ and ‘TAITO’, version 3.0 of the KORG Gadget for Nintendo Switch is a reality that will include the 2 new gadgets – Sega’s Otorii and Taito’s Ebina!

Check out the video below and head to the KORG news site for more info on this music making awesomeness. July 11 can’t come fast enough!

source: KORG

[story & image source: Korg News]