The Brixty Four: A Full-Size Working Lego Commodore 64

Back in the 80s we loved playing with Lego and on our Commodore 64. So what a better way than to mash these two into one and create the Brixty Four – a full-size working Lego Commodore 64, complete with a functioning sprung keyboard, power pack, working LED light and a replica LEGO mobo (Ed: motherboard!) with all of the famous MOS chips, including Bob Yannes’ brilliant SID chip!

If you want Christian Simpson’s (aka: Perifractic) awesome Lego C64 to become mass produced, then go to Lego Ideas and show your support by giving it a vote right now!

source: Perifractic


LEGO Arcade Robot Breakdance Battle!

LEGO robots - featured
This cute little video by BreaksBricks features adorable breakdancing robots and awesome LEGO arcade machines (follow the link to vote for the robots on ‘LEGO Ideas’).

‘When I was a kid in the 1980’s I became obsessed with arcade games like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Q-bert. This LEGO brickfilm is inspired by my love of the music, toys and video games from that era’.




Source: BreaksBricks via Laughing Squid


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