Return To Geelong’s Amazing Mill Market

We always love a trip to G-Town, and no visit is complete without a stop at the The Amazing Mill Market. We already showed off all the beautiful retro gaming goodies we spotted, but there was so much more – and we couldn’t resist putting together a second story to show you all the other weird and wonderful things we found. As the Mill Markets website says:

‘At Amazing Mill Markets you will find a selection of vintage clothes, vintage furniture, collectibles, antiques, memorabilia, home decor, fine china, art, glass, coins, jewellery, books and records – to name a few things!’

Welcome to the Amazing Mill Market
1 The Amazing Mill Markets

So much to see
1 Bird's Eye View

A blast from the past: House Party!
1 House Party

Awesome vintage women’s wrestling photos
1 Wrestling

Something for the hipsters
1 Typewriter

Made by ACME?
1 TV

Just beautiful!
1 TV 2

Treasure hunting anyone?
1 Metal Detector

This clever little guy is safe from Gargamel
1 Smurf Ball

Pure retro goodness
1 Recrod Player 2

1 Record Player

Who else loved this game as a kid?
1 Oz Quiz 2

‘I’m Badgeman’
1 Badges

The best Elvis?
1 Elvis Costello

Surely they can’t all fit on two records?
1 The Villiage People

I, Robot
1 Robot

We, Robots
1 Star Wars

Sew pretty
1 Singer

Marvellous LEGO minifigs

High octane nightmare fuel
1 Clown

Not sure From the Director of The Abyss’ is the best way to sell a DVD…
1 Alien DVD

Yippee Ki-Yay!1 Die Hard

Now, that’s a cool little car
1 Car

Awesome retro projector
1 Projector

Take a seat… or two
1 Stools

Books, books…
1 Clive Barker

1 The Time Machine

‘Skate Wars’ or maybe ‘Darth Boarder’
1 Skateboards

It smells like time to buy some records
1 Nirvana

Alex Boz a.k.a. ausretrogamer
1 Ausretrogamer

ms ausretrogamer
1 Ms Ausretrogamer

and mama ausretrogamer
1 Mama Ausretrogamer

The Geelong Amazing Mill Market is located at 114 Bellarine Highway, Newcomb. Open 10am to 6pm, 7 days a week, every day except Christmas.


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The Thrill Of The Chase: Gone Hunting

There was only one thing to do on a cold and miserable Sunday – go hunting! No guns or ammunition were required for this hunting trip. We armed ourselves with warm clothing and a keen eye to find some retro gaming gear and other vintage items.

Once the target was found, we went in to prowl. It was clear from the outset that this hunting trip was not going to disappoint. Once we got past the usual household kitsch items, we found precious arcade machines from the 1970s, lots of comics, vinyl records and a number of classic video gaming systems and games.

The selection of retro gaming systems and games did get the nostalgic nerve quite excited. There was no way we were going to leave empty handed on this hunt. Sorry wallet.

Didn’t know where to focus on this collection of action figures. Daytona USA lurked in the background

Aha, there it is!

The perfect tube to play some Pong

Found hiding – some MOTU pals

These Atari games look lonely

RoboCop action figures!

Robie Junior would not have been happy if this guy came home with us

Alex Kidd tuned in on a proper vintage TV! Hells yeah!

Sega delights
Did someone say Sega, Atari and Nintendo?

Vintage vinyl!

Keeping it reel

Perfect price for a fighting game

Perfect price for an ice hockey game


More KISS baby!

Can’t hide from me Mr Macintosh SE!

CIB Battlecat? No way!

The dreaded Castle Grayskull

LCD goodness in this cabinet

A throwback to the WWF!

More Sega goodies

I spy with my little eye something beginning with N

The holiest of holy, 1974’s Speed Race. And it’s in working order!hunt_Taito_Speed_Race
More old arcade beauties found!

The perfect ending to a great hunt