Australian Jordan Tredaway Wins Division B At PAPA 20 World Pinball Championships

Young Australian pinball wizard, Jordan Tredaway wins the PAPA 20 (Professional & Amateur Pinball Association) World Championship B Division!

The 16 year old Melbournian showed poise and maturity beyond his years by beating veterans double and even triple his age from across the globe in the world’s most prestigious pinball championship. We managed to grab Jordan as he was tucking into a well deserved dinner to ask him how he was feeling right now, “Ecstatic! Feels like a dream come true”. Also flying the flag high for Australia was Martin Robbins, whom also had a fantastic tournament.

14 year old Jordan (JTH) smashes Game Of Thrones at PAX Aus 2015

Jordan’s PAPA 20 (Division B) win was just reward for his hard work and consistent pinball tournament wins in Australia. We first met Jordan at Supanova in 2015 when he won the Under 18s Pinball vs. Supanova Championship at the tender age of 14! With his current IFPA world ranking at 231, we are pretty sure that this win at PAPA 20 will propel him in the top echelon of pinball wizards, and who knows, perhaps an A Division win at next year’s PAPA 21!

The PAPA World Pinball Championships is the most renowned event in all of competitive pinball which is held annually in Carnegie, Pennsylvania USA.

PAPA 20 competition floor!

Jordan in action!

Martin Robbins keeps an eye on the standings, while Jordan keeps an eye on the competition!

Jordan Tredaway, PAPA 20 Division B World Pinball Champion!
image sources: Martin Robbins and Carme Martinez

Jordan’s impressive points tally in Division B at PAPA 20


PAX Aus: It’s All About The People

featured3Sure, there’s always heaps to see and do at PAX Aus (more and more each year it seems!), but the best part is always the people – meeting new people and catching up with old friends. We had many laughs, hugs, handshakes and great conversations over the course of PAX Aus 2016 – here a just a few of the wonderful people we caught up with.

Many of the great people from Ausretrogamer, Retro Domination, Weird and RetroBartronica, Zax Amusements, Pinmem and the Bayside Pinball Club who worked with PAX to bring you the CGAcga-team

The CGA enforcer team was fantastic (again) this year – here are just a few

A special thanks to the fabulous CGA Enforcer Team Leader – Zailee (thanks also to Spyder!)

Look who stopped by the CGA to chat with Glenn – none other than Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg, PAX Aus Content Manager

… or is it Gabby Boreland?

Glenn and Zailee

The ausretrogamer team – Alex Boz, Kerith (ms ausretrogamer), Alan Ly and Brant Raven

Alex with Weird and Retro‘s Serby

Greg and Josh from Bartronica

Retro Domination‘s Matt and Daz…

…and Mark and Peter

‘We’re just making sure they work!’ Weird and Retro‘s Dr Curlytek with Scott Kellett and Pete

Bayside Pinball Club President – Lucas Bardin

Lucas with pinball wizards Nick Hamhougias and Wal Dickie


Group shot with some of our interstate friends – Meezergal and Lord Panek from Sydney plus artist, DM,  retro game developer and top hat wearer Mr Ant Stiller from Brisbane

Ant with bro Grant, or ‘Granthony’

Nick with Melbourne Silverball League‘s Martin Robbinsmarto-nick

Paul and Hoa – Weird and Retro

Aaron from Press Play on Tape Podcast and the adorable Phoebe

Aaron and Phoebe with fellow Tasmanians Tehkella and Damian

Chris Van Graas very kindly loaned some amazing items for the CGA retro museum, including Mel Croucher’s ZX Spectrum used to code ‘Deus Ex Machina’ and Chris Huelsbeck’s MIDI sampler used to create the famous music for ‘Turrican’


Chris also introduced us to three metre pizzas!

Alex with passionate classic gamer, Harmik

Retrogamer and artist Sean Tagg with the awesome Henry


Pinball prodigy Jordan ‘JTH’ Tredaway and family

The talented costume and prop-makers from Combustible Props

Bethesda ANZ Community Manager Noel Wheatley, CNET Editor Seamus Byrne and Stacey Borg (Dr Curlytek) with Alex pre-panel (‘Geek Trash or Treasure? Finding Collectibles with Real Value‘)

Seamus also stopped by the CGA for quick game

Some friendly faces in the ‘Geek Trash or Treasure’ audience – Serby, Skye, Alan, Aaron, Damian and Tehkella

Selfie with Frank and Lauren from Mana Mojo
selfie-mana-mojo(Photo from Mana Mojo)

Great pic of tech journalist Adam Turner and son

Shane Rubans, Marcus Sezenov (Rosstown Retro Pinball Arcade) and Luke Marburg

John and Ryan Sozanski

Alex with Hal, Kale and Kevin Tilley (Reset magazine)

Sairuk with Aaron

Alex with Kelly (Weird and Retro) and Andrew Owen


Alex with Adam Renardson, Content Services Manager PlayStation Australia

Developer and YouTuber Rob Caporetto with programmer and CGA enforcer Rajesh Singh

Raj, Rob, Kevin and Chris

Rob in super-cool mode!

The most triumphant moment of PAX Aus 2016 – collecting our ‘PAX XP’ PAX Aus towels (thanks to Alan for doing most of the legwork):
victory-towel-photo-2(Photo from Meezergal)

PAX Aus 2016 was a blast – and spending time with awesome people was really what made it. We’re already looking forward to 2017, can’t wait to see you there!


msausretrogamerMs. ausretrogamer
Co-founder, editor and writer at ausretrogamer – The Australian Retro Gamer E-Zine. Lover of science fiction, fashion, books, movies and TV. Player of games, old and new.

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Melbourne Silverball League: Get Flippin

MelbSilverballLeague_TitleAttention all you pinball loving peeps, April 1 2016 will mark the commencement of the new Melbourne Silverball League monthly pinball tournament. This new tournament will be based on a selfie format, but more on that later! No, this is no April Fools’ Day joke, this is for real!

After his recent US trip to Arcade Expo 2.0 competing in the It Never Drains In Southern California pinball tournament, Martin Robbins was inspired to set up a similar qualifying and competition format here in Melbourne, hence the Melbourne Silverball League (MSL) was born. The first selfie competition in Melbourne will be at Bartronica in Flinders Lane. This is how the MSL pinball competition format will work:

Each month there will be particular pinball machines at Bartronica selected for qualifying – for the month of April the machines will be: Creature from the Black Lagoon, Party Zone, Addams Family, Goldeneye 007 and Pin*Bot. Play on each of these machines and take a photo of your score. You can either upload your picture via the tournament location at Matchplay.Events or post it to the Melbourne Silverball League (MSL) Facebook page. One of the MSL scorekeepers will review your photo and then submit your score. Your ranking on each machine will be worth more points the higher up you are to give you a combined overall ranking (based on the PAPA format i.e.: 100 points for the top score, then 90 for 2nd, 85 for 3rd and so on). The combined scores of the top 16 ranked players will qualify for the playoff (which is on the first Sunday of the following month).

To ensure your score submission goes smoothly, your selfie should have your face and the score to help the MSL scorekeepers validate your submission. Some patience might be needed where certain machines take a while to scroll through credits to get back to your score.

If we have lost you so far, here are the TL;DR (that’s Too Long;Didn’t Read) notes:

  • Register your participation at the MSL Facebook page;
  • play pinball at Bartronica;
  • upload pictures to MSL Facebook page of your awesome scores;
  • check the MSL Facebook page to see how you are ranking for that month;
  • get in to the top 16 players to qualify for the monthly head to head comp to determine the overall winner.

It is that easy! So what are you waiting for? Go and register now and then hit Bartronica during the month of April to rack up your high score!

Martin Robbins – the brains behind the Melbourne Silverball League

Shane Rubans getting some testing done at Bartronica
Bartronica_ShaneRubanssource: Melbourne Silverball League


Arcade Expo 2.0: Arcades From The Golden Age

ArcadeExpo39Following on from the pinball extravaganza at Arcade Expo 2.0, Martin Robbins reflects on the other half of the expo, the arcade machines! Grab yourself a bib as you will be drooling all over yourself!

Just when I thought I had my fair share of the ‘Wow’ factor in the pinball section, I was in for an absolute treat when I made a beeline for the arcade area at Arcade Expo 2.0. The cabinet artwork, the sounds, the attract modes, people hovering around machines, Walter Day spruiking his cards and Billy Mitchell playing Donkey Kong (yep, THAT Billy Mitchell!) – It was like I was transported back to the golden age of arcade video games.

Billy Mitchell all suited up! Donkey Kong is serious business!

The area was littered with classic machines from the heavyweights of the arcade industry: Atari, Bally Midway, Centuri, Cinematronics, Data East. Exidy, Gottlieb, Irem, Konami, Namco, Nintendo, Sega, Stern, Taito, Universal and Williams. It was also great to see the Computer Space machine made by Nutting in 1971, regarded as the world’s first commercially sold coin-operated machine (Ed: Computer Space was designed by none other than the Atari founders, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney)!

Oh wow, where should we start?

Upon entering the arcade area, I noticed that it had a different “feel” to it – there were more young people and families playing on arcade machines than what I experienced in the pinball area. The atmosphere definitely seemed a lot more relaxed, with heaps more room to move around. This was a welcome change to the hustle and bustle of the room next door. I found myself returning to the arcade area on a number of occasions to clear my head and unwind from the pinball tournament. I also found it difficult to leave as there were so many games I had not seen nor played in many many years. The problem was, once I’d finish one game, I would then see another one that would instantly transport me back to my youth at that corner Milk Bar with the urge to just have another go. The nostalgia was truly intoxicating!

Let’s see what goodness we’ll find down this aisle…

The arcade section also had exhibitors including Farsight Studios promoting The Pinball Arcade and in particular the Kickstarter for Dr Who, which reached its goal on February 14 – a job well done! I did have a a chat with their Community Manager, Mike Lindsay, who agreed that the resurgence in the pinball community was partly due to the success Farsight Studios had in bringing the experience to our mobile devices and PCs. Mike was particularly proud of how they had brought pinball to a new generation to experience it for the first time in digital format and then seek it out in the real world.

As mentioned earlier, I managed to see Billy Mitchell playing Donkey Kong. The set up next to Billy was quite cool – it allowed anyone to sit next to him and challenge him to a high score duel. I was not prepared for a public humiliation, so I left him to demonstrate his skills. It must be said, Billy was very friendly and was really enjoying the show.

All good things must come to end. The single regret I had about Arcade Expo 2.0 was not having enough time to play everything. Three days was just not enough. In my mind I’ve already started planning and saving up for my return trip in 2017 – hope to see you all there!

Great to see the next generation enjoying an absolute classic!

Landing High Japan – wanna be a pilot?

Test your wood chopping skills!

Once you are done wood chopping, hit the bar!

Granny and the Gators – you don’t see this (hybrid) one too often!

Paddle, Fire and Flip!

Getting the arcade fix

Well, well, well, what do we have down here then….

Buck Rogers (Planet of Zoom)! Haven’t seen one of these since the early 80s!

No matter your age, everyone loves a bit of Out Run

This was all the rage in 1976!

Gun control!

Midway were prolific in the arcade arena!

No queuing here – just keep playing! 

An old vector beauty

Use the Force and destroy the Death Star!

Families gaming together

Oh my gawd! Discs Of Tron! Very drool-worthy

Have you got the killer instinct?

Kickin some butt!

Gonna get drivin’, hard!

Pole position on Atari’s Pole Position II

Woo hoo, Walter Day!

More Tron goodness

Old school amusement machines

Bit of target practice

Contemplating what to play next…..

From Joust pinball, to Joust arcade!

Varkon – disguising a pinball table as an arcade game!

Comfy arcade gaming

Getting close to the action

Let’s spin on Dave Theurer’s classic

Passing on the retro gaming gene to the next generation

Ending with a shooter’s delight – Xevious!

Arcade Expo 2.0: Pinball Extravaganza

Martin_At_ArcadeExpo2.0As we sit down with Martin Robbins over some home-baked banana almond muffins, we notice a glint of excitement in his eye. You see, Martin was recently in the US and attended Arcade Expo 2.0 at the Museum Of Pinball in Banning, California. This is part one of Martin’s experience at one of the biggest pinball and arcade machine expos in the US. Take it away Martin!

Wow, where does one even start with an event like Arcade Expo 2.0? When I decided to head over to the US for Arcade Expo 2.0, I went without any expectation other than to experience the event first hand and have fun for three days. I was looking forward to seeing pinball and arcade machines that I hadn’t seen or played in years. I was also excited to be participating in the ‘It Never Drains In Southern California‘ pinball tournament and to see the world’s best players like Keith Elwin and Karl DeAngelo in action. I was also looking forward to checking out new pinball reveals and wasn’t disappointed after seeing Keith and Randy Elwin’s Archer pinball whitewood demonstration. Let’s just say that Arcade Expo 2.0 didn’t disappoint.

Immortalised on the Arcade Expo 2.0 Signature Wall!

The big reveal, Keith an Randy Elwin’s Archer pinball whitewood!

Playing on the one of a kind

Upon arrival at the Museum Of Pinball, I was immediately struck by the enormity of it all. The vibe was great, even outside the venue was surrounded by food trucks, indie musicians and chiptune artists. Everyone who entered got to autograph a giant wall on the way in, and once inside you chose right for the arcade machines or left for the pinball tables. Of course I turned left.  I was met by a glorious sight – rows and rows of pinball machines from the early 1960s through to modern tables, all assembled in order of manufacturer. There were pinball tables from Gottlieb, Williams, Bally, Atari, Game Plan, Zaccaria, Data East, Alvin G, Sega, Capcom, Midway, Spinball and Stern. Even though I had 3 days to enjoy, with over 550 machines to choose from I knew I had to be selective and focus on the machines I really wanted to play – I was not disappointed with what I found.

Glorious pinball!

A sight for sore eyes

Flippin action, old school style

What did surprise me was the number of extremely rare machines in great condition such as the two Joust machines that were side by side, an Atari Hercules and a row of Game Plan machines including my bucket list game Cyclopes – it lived up to expectations. Other rare games I managed to play were Spinball’s Verne’s World and Jolly Park which were loads of fun, Alvin G’s Pistol Poker and Al’s Garage Band Goes On a World Tour were also great! Special mention must go to Time Fantasy from Williams (1983), this machine has really strange but awesome art design including what I can only describe as an “Acid Snail” – look it up! To think that that majority of these machines were all from the private collection of one person, John Weeks, is just staggering. I also kept finding myself coming back to the Electro-Mechanical (EM) machines which were in fantastic condition. They really helped me fine tune my nudging skills and ultimately helped me with my ‘other’ reason for attending Arcade Expo 2.0.

Evel Knievel!

Seeing red

Electro-mechanical magic

Apart from immersing myself in this great expo, I was also there to compete in the Professional and Amateur Pinball Association (PAPA) Circuit Event: ‘It Never Drains In Southern California’ (INDISC). Having played a number of local pinball tournaments in Australia, I was looking forward to experiencing a tournament of this size. With a mix of modern and classic tables, ‘It Never Drains In Southern California’ was an awesome experience. I’ll admit I was a bit nervous as I had only decided to go over the week before and hadn’t researched the format of the tournament nor did I know the list of machines till I was due to fly out. When I arrived at the tournament area I was greeted by INDISC organisers Karl DeAngelo and Jim Belsito whom, with the help of software created by Karl, had created a very accessible format. There were 12 machines in the Modern Tournament including well known machines; The Walking Dead, Demolition Man, Dr Who, The Getaway and Lord of the Rings and some really unique and less often ones, including; Godzilla, Hoops, Twister, Laser War, Grand Lizard, Torpedo Alley and Waterworld! To make things more interesting, a lot of these machines had been made challenging by removing the rubbers on the outlanes and centre posts, as well as some additions to make certain shots harder like the massive rubber on the lock shot on Grand Lizard – only a precise shot would work. It was also great to see my fellow competitors sharing gameplay tips and hints. Their positive encouragement and sportsmanship provided that extra confidence boost.

Oh yes, Joust in the flesh!

Atari’s Hercules – world’s largest pinball machine under lights

The Big Bang!

So how did I go? Not knowing the rules meant that I did much better in the Classics (pre 1990) Tournament where I relied on flipper skills and nudging alone. Having qualified equal 16th in the A division, I had to compete in a play-off, which I lost, but the upside of it was that I qualified 1st for the B division. My high B division qualification afforded me the choice of machines we would play (or not play – yep, I am looking at you Skateball!). I ended up coming second but felt a great camaraderie with my fellow Classics B division finalists and was really happy with my experience.

Tournament Play!

Calling the tournament action

In Never Drains In Southern California intensifies!

I would absolutely recommend going to Arcade Expo in 2017 and to participate in the INDISC pinball tournament. I often hear that pinheads are the friendliest people in the world, and I can safely say, this was made abundantly clear at the expo – everyone was accessible and helpful, especially when it came to the format of the tournament and the table rules. I promise I’ll be better prepared next time, so watch out!

Rather than tell you more about Arcade Expo 2.0, I thought I would share my album and let the photos speak for themselves. Oh yeah, in part two of Arcade Expo 2.0, I’ll be sharing my arcade experience (with heaps of pics) – so stay tuned!