€200,000 Will Get You A Complete Neo Geo AES Games Library

Have you recently won the jackpot in the lottery? If you have and you want an instant and complete Neo Geo AES games collection, then you are in luck!

For a cool €200,000 (AUD$285,716), you get the full-set of the Neo Geo AES Japanese games library which is all 100% original! Phwoar, if only we didn’t spend the lottery money on that red Ferrari!

Now if €200,000 is a tad too much, perhaps the microwave sized Neo Geo Deck: Compact Amusement System at US$59,997 (AUD$79,912) may be a bit more palatable.

Oh yeah, you can make an offer on either one of these Neo Geo eBay auctions *winks*

source: eBay

source: eBay


The Rise And Fall Of SNK

Back in May 2002, US digital cable channel G4 (aka: G4tv) aired the video gaming documentary series, Icons. For four seasons Icons focused on the key people, companies, products, history and major milestones in the world of video games. In season five, which was its last, Icons broadened its scope by featuring general pop culture content.

From the many Icons video gaming documentaries, we loved their look at SNK Corporation (season 3, episode 12), from its humble beginnings to becoming an arcade gaming behemoth with their Neo Geo products, only to see it all crash and tumble a decade or so later.

Step back in time and get a dose of some video gaming history!

source: KonamiGamer

DISCLAIMER: We are well aware that SNK lived on via Playmore, but this article focuses on the old SNK Corporation that produced arcade games and home gaming systems.


Neo Geo MVS & AES Flash Cart

NeoGeo_FlashCart_HDRNeo Geo fans, start your drooling! Darksoft has done the unthinkable, he has created a Neo Geo flash cart not only for the MVS, but also for the AES – Christmas has come early!

Darksoft has indicated that the goal at the moment is to have a mix of technologies on the cartridge, like FPGA+DDR, ARM+Flash and CPLD, to ensure maximum versatility and fast load times. Oh yeh, the cart will have a microSD slot.

While older games (roms) will be supported on the flash cart, Darksoft has made it quite clear that he will not add any support for new games like the ones developed by NG:Dev.Team (that is a good thing!).

As mentioned, there will be 2 cartridges, one for the AES and the other for the MVS – the design being almost identical for each cart. Cartridges will come in plastic cases just like the original MVS/AES shockboxes. Expected cost is in the vicinity of $400.

If you want more details about this awesome creation, head on over to the Arcade-Project forum.

NeoGeo_FlashCart_titleimage source: Darksoft via Arcade-Projects