Super Mario Comes To Life

SM_aliveOh my! So this is what happens when you take a toilet break during your Mario gaming! Hide your good chinaware and duck under that deadly cannon. I hope your home and contents insurance policy covers Mario destruction!

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Son Of A Glitch: Mario Kart 64

MK_64Let’s be honest, when it comes to Mario Kart games, you are either a Super Mario Kart or a Mario Kart 64 fan. I definitely fall in the latter fan group – Mario Kart 64 always felt more polished and fun to play (relax SMK fans, put those pitchforks away!).

The A+Start with Andy team have found some very cool glitches and skips on Mario Kart 64 which I will now exploit and possibly cause a rise in rage levels with my fellow karting friends. Get ready!

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NES: Start Screens

NES_Start_ScreensDo you want to see the start screen of every single NES game ever released? More importantly, do you have three hours to kill? If you have answered yes to both of these questions, then put your feet up, press play and get your NES nostalgia hit!

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The Retro Gaming Pin Brigade

Pins! Lots and lots of pins! Even if you are not into video gaming related enamel pins, you have to admit, these are quite cool. Ah, if only I had kept my Atari Lynx club badge.

These gaming related promotional pins are definitely becoming harder to find and are starting to demand the big bucks. If you have some in your possession, wear them proudly!

















Did You Know Gaming: Nintendo 64

N64_DYKGAll you ever wanted to know about Nintendo’s 64-bit console – from inception to release. It is all here in under eight minutes. Thank you to the Did You Know Gaming team!

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Cops: The Legend Of Zelda

Zelda_copsAny time I hear or see the word “Cops”, I want to break out into Inner Circle’s “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you, bad boys, bad boys”. Too bad I haven’t got the Jamaican accent down pat.

Ah, I have digressed. Speaking of cops, have you ever wondered what The Legend Of Zelda would be like if it had a patrolling policeman? No? Well, if it did, Dorkly shows us how it would play out.

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Retro Gaming TV Commercials


Remember the old “Are you keeping up with the Commodore” television commercial? Or who could forget the ‘Atari Summer‘ promotion for their 5200?

The advertising wars weren’t just confined to print media. There were shots fired via television commercials by all major players. Commodore focused on the family unit and pushed their C64 as a home computer for the entire family to enjoy. Atari on the other hand chose to sex it up when it was time to peddle their ill-fated 5200 Super System.

Sega played it safe when it came to introducing the west to their 8-bit Master System by depicting a family (minus mum!) having fun with their arcade conversions. Meanwhile, Nintendo hit hard in the USA with their 1985 commercial, introducing us to R.O.B, the Zapper gun and their 8-bit console beauty, the NES. The rest, as they say, is history.

Take a trip down nostalgia lane and relive the television commercials that introduced us to our most beloved systems.

Are You Keeping Up – Commodore 64

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Nobody’s Hotter Than Atari This Summer

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The Challenge Will Always Be There – Sega

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The Birth Of The Nintendo Entertainment System

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