The Physics of Mario’s Super Jumping Ability

PBS Space Time HeaderPBS Space Time is a weekly YouTube program that ‘explores the outer reaches of space, the craziness of astrophysics, the possibilities of sci-fi, and anything else you can think of beyond Planet Earth’ with host Gabe Perez-Giz – an astrophysicist who studies black hole physics.

In this episode they look into the secret behind Mario’s amazing jumping ability – is gravity in Super Mario World weaker than Earth, and could Super Mario World exist on one of the planets in our Solar System? Or does Mario just have really, really strong legs? Watch the video to find out!

Source: Laughing Squid and PBS Space Time


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Time for Link to Break His Silence: a Live-Action Zelda Series!

main picIn the biggest video game adaptation news of the moment: Netflix is in the early stages of developing a live-action series based on Zelda – wow! Apparently it is envisioned as Game of Thrones for a family audience.

If the project pans out, it will be a rare example of a Nintendo adaptation – others include the 1989 animated Legend of Zelda series and the disappointing Super Mario Bros. movie from 1993.

Zelda TV

Super-Mario-Bros.-MovieIn 2004 there was talk of a Metroid film to be directed by John Woo, but according to the former producer Brad Foxhoven, the project fell through when Nintendo became nervous about handing over control of their characters’ back stories and development to the film’s writers and directors.

metroidIn latest reports, Netflix is seeking a writer for the project. Let’s hope this one gets off the ground and is well received because a successful adaptation could open the door to many more exciting Nintendo-themed films and series.

On a final note, The Verge has some excellent suggestions for a winning cast, including Maisie Williams as young Link and Natalie Dormer as adult Link.


natalieSource: GeekologieSpeakeasy and IGN.


msausretrogamerMs. ausretrogamer
Content Manager at ausretrogamer – The Australian Retro Gamer E-Zine. Lover of science fiction, fashion and TV. Player of games, old and new.

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NES Cartridge Gaming On The Go

nesp_titleWant to take a piece of your NES on the go and play games on it? Yep, you read that question right – take a piece of your NES, in this instance, a NES console stuffed into a NES game cartridge that can be played on the go!

The specifications of this Nintendo Entertainment System Portable (nesP) are:

Screen: 2.8″ TFT LCD
Control: D-Pad, Select, Start, and two fire buttons
Storage: 4GB internal / SD card slot for additional storage
Battery: rechargeable Li-Ion
Players: MP3 audio player and recorder, FM radio, photo viewer and video player
Emulators: NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Color
Speaker: Mono
Output: TV-Out

All in all, a pretty cool one-of-a-kind handheld device that would definitely send tongues wagging on public transport. The TV-Out is a nifty feature, so take that Sega Arcade Nano!

source: robotswillkillyou

The Thrill Of The Chase: Roaming In Melbourne

Work can be a damn bore. To break the monotony of doing that sales forecast report that is due by the end of the week, we use our lunch-break as a sanctuary to get away from it all.

My lunch break shenanigans had me traversing the city, looking for gaming and pop culture gear in particular. I was pleased to find a number of Nintendo and Namco goodies – from t-shirts and hoodies, to board-games, figurines and pool cues!

Seems as though my timing was quite good, as there were discounts and two-for-one deals throughout the stores – as if I needed more temptation! Shop on!

The coolest NES tee!

Coolest Nintendo backpacks ever!

The coolest Zelda tee!

A super Super Mario!

The coolest Mario tee!
Nintendo has too many temptations

Are you a Nintendo gamer? Then you need to wear this!

The Nintendo Console History Timeline – where it started

The Nintendo Console History Timeline – the 90s and early 2000s era

You’ll be a Mega Man or a Mega Woman if you wear this!

I want to play pool with these Pac-Man balls!

Compliment your Pac-Man pool balls with this Pac-Man cue!

37 years on, and Space Invaders is still relevant!

 Lots of drool-worthy tees on this wall!

Let there be light!

Everyone needs Indy in their life

If Nintendo can do it, so can Namco!

The Thrill Of The Chase: Out and About

An impromptu lunchtime sojourn comes up trumps! With no intention of hunting for retro or pop culture goodies, I was surprised what I found in Melbourne’s CBD (Central Business District) as I was out and about. From Sonic comics and video gaming related books, to bartop arcade machines at the most unlikeliest place, it was a lunch break I didn’t expect.

A great start to the week indeed. Oh yeh, my wallet was also worse for wear.

Green Lantern VS Zodac? *Mind completely blown*

An awesome book that is to be read by every gamer!

Another awesome book. A great reference indeed!

One for the Zelda fans!
Wish I could flip through the pages of this book!

Sonic Comic! Hey, that rhymes! 

Sega fans would love this!

More Sonic love!

Oh wow – Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back! I gotta get these!

Your keys would ROCK and look MEGA on this keyring!

Sam Fisher in his desert suit. Very cool indeed.

The dark side awaits!

An arcade machine in Myer? No way! Oh, that old school phone is cool too.

Yes way – it is an arcade machine at Myer!

The last word always goes to Ron Swanson.

Retro Gaming Refashioning Japanese Style

Care to use Twitter on your Game Boy? Perhaps you would rather use Microsoft’s Office applications on Nintendo’s little coloured beast? I know, you want to Skype your friend with vintage equipment!

Ah yes, welcome to good use of retro gaming gear Japanese style! You got to hand it to the Japanese, they know how to refashion old equipment and make you notice it. I wish I was this clever. Now hand me those SNES headphones and scroll through these epic pics!










Retro Gaming: Every Single Game Boy Start Screen Ever

GameBoy_titleIf you have 162 minutes to burn, you may wanna settle back and watch every single Game Boy start screen ever. Yes, you read that right, EVERY SINGLE GAME BOY START SCREEN EVER!

I am a masochist, so I will kill almost three hours of my day to watch this. Enjoy!

source: NicksplosionFX