Super Mario Warfare

Inspired by the Mario Warfare videos, the artist known as Hakashidnrc has brought these characters to life in digital art form!

It is great to see both Mario and Luigi all battle hardened. Browsing through these artworks, your eyeballs will definitely thank you.

If you would like to further overload your optic nerve, check out some more Hakashidnrc artwork over here.




image source: Hakashidnrc

The Legend Of Zelda: Dark Link

Link_TitleAhhh, those lads at The Warp Zone are so clever. This time round they solve the greatest mystery of the Zelda series, the origin of Dark Link! Watch the mystery unravel in front of your eyes (wink wink).

source: The Warp Zone

Nintendo Game & Watch: Octopus

Octopus_GandWHow old were you in 1981? I was still in single digits and blissfully unaware how addictive Gunpei Yokoi’s Nintendo Game & Watch creations would turn out to be.

On this day (July 16) in 1981, Nintendo released Octopus – their latest handheld classic in the G&W wide-screen series. Oh how I lusted after this one (like many other Game&Watch releases), but alas, I never got to have my own till recently.

If your name is ‘Jenifa Stuart’, I have your Octopus Game & Watch!


Nuts For Nintendo In 1988


Even as far back as 1988, the age old economic model of ‘supply and demand’ generated hype and hysteria in video games. Who better to exploit this hysteria than Nintendo.

This VHS recording of a special report on ABC News20/20 (US) program features the Christmas hype and rush for Super Mario Bros. 2 and Zelda II: The Adventures of Link gamesThere are parents lining up for games, parents that think their kids play too much Nintendo, and then there are certain interest groups that deplore violence in video games. This Nuts For Nintendo special has it all. I guess some things never change.

source: Steven Hertz

Nintendo Delights

There are some horrific customised paint jobs on Nintendo consoles, then there is Zoran’s creations, which are, simply put, stunning. From the Super Metroid themed SNES (Ed: oh that scorched orange!), Choplifter II camo original Game Boy, and to my favourite, the TRON: Legacy N64, complete with beautiful lighting – perfect for playing Perfect Dark or Goldeneye 007 in the dark!

Just take a look at some of Zoran’s creations and let us know your favourite via Twitter or Facebook.

Uber cool Star Fox N64

The sleek Mario Kart 64 , N64

The only time I would like to see ‘Game Over’!

The very sexy Tron: Legacy N64

We could not leave out the Zelda fans!

Scorching Super Metroid SNES (NTSC)

Bowser has never looked this good!

Chrono Trigger SNES (NTSC) anyone?

The mother of all GBAs!

Play with this!

Battle-hardened Game Boy 

Oh yeah, go Yoshi!

image source: Zoki64

13 Things Worth Knowing About Nintendo

13 Things Worth Knowing About Nintendo
Via: Online MBA


Blast From the Past: Nintendo Interactive Store Displays


Ah, the Nintendo of old. How I miss thee, when times were simpler and there was no Microsoft nor Sony. There is always room in my heart for Nintendo, as they have endured through thick and thin in this video gaming business that is now on par with Hollywood.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane, some 22 years ago and see how Nintendo presented their wares to the retail fraternity. Golly gosh those interactive display units were awesome!

source: PenguinNintendoAge