Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia

In 2015 when our fave plumber, Mario, celebrated the 30th anniversary of his Super Mario Bros. game, an epic book was released in Japan to coincide with this momentous occasion. The Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros., also known as Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia: Nintendo Official Guide Book was available to lucky Japanese gamers all the way back in October 2015.

Just like the good (Ed: or bad!) old days where we would wait two years for a western release of awesome Japanese gear, the wait is (almost) over! The Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia will be available (in Europe and North America) in June this year. For those keen observers, you will have noticed that the book will be available for pre-order (if not yet!) on Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France and Amazon Canada!

We can’t wait to wrap our hands around this tome!

image source: mariowiki


The Ultimate NES – Now You’re Really Playing With Power

Whoa, our socks have well and truly been blown off! From all of the console mods and superguns we’ve come across, Gamester’s Ultimate NES (UNES) is by far the most impressive!

Gamester’s UNES hybrid console supergun can play original NES carts, JAMMA boards and Neo Geo MVS carts – how awesome is that! The impressive feats just keeping coming – the UNES has dual video outputs, allowing two different games to be played simultaneously on two TV screens! Oh yeah, the addition of the Neo Geo controller ports, hidden under the flap above the NES controller ports is downright ingenuous.

Best part about this console mod is that it was not turned into some Frankenstein monster – if you look at it front on, you would swear that it was just an original NES console. No one can tell the power that lurks inside this beast! Gamester’s UNES is truly playing with some serious power.

Ultimate NES Specifications:

  • Base: 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System with new 72 pin connector
  • Power Supply: Astrodyne external triple output, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  • Outputs: Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video and Stereo/Mono Audio
  • Inputs: JAMMA Connector, Neo-Geo controllers
  • Video Encoder: NeoBitz + JROK Sync Cleaner
  • Weight: 3lb 8oz / 1.6kg

Looks normal enough…
UNES, Gamester, Ultimate NES, JAMMA, MVS, Neo Geo

Wait a minute, what are these extra Neo Geo controller ports…
UNES, Gamester, Ultimate NES, JAMMA, MVS, Neo Geo

That is one sexy rear!
UNES, Gamester, Ultimate NES, JAMMA, MVS, Neo Geo

The power is within! Oh, great NES game inside too…
UNES internal, UNES, Gamester, Ultimate NES

source: Jamma Nation X – Gamester’s Ultimate NES


Donkey Kong Advanced

Yep, you read that heading right – an advanced Windows version of the seminal Nintendo arcade classic, Donkey Kong. Take a bow on a job well done, Mr. Justin Bohemier!

When our very good friend Aaron Clement (from Press Play On Tape Podcast fame) gave us the heads up on this game, we thought we would do the same by sharing it with the rest of you. Before Ninty’s lawyers issue a cease and desist, make sure you grab your copy of Donkey Kong Advanced now!

So you may ask, what’s new in this version of Donkey Kong Advanced? Since you asked nicely, here you go:

  • Levels are different, some are completely new, while others have the same level structure with some differences
  • New switch, laser, and key system to save Pauline
  • Mario (Jumpman) can jump off high platforms and land without killing himself (yahoo!)
  • New heart bonus items are worth 2000 points but are tricky to get
  • Barrels rebound off the floor higher than before – so watch out
  • Hitting barrels with the hammer doesn’t pause the game during the explosion
  • Level 4 is icy – there is a special shoe item to pickup that makes it not slippery

source: Justin Bohemier

image source: Donkey Kong Advanced in


It’s-A-Me, Charles Martinet! Let’s-A-Go!

Mamma mia! Surely by now you should all know the great Charles Martinet. For those of you that don’t recognise him or the name, we bet you’ve definitely heard him.

Charles is the voice of our favourite video game plumber, Mario! He has voiced Mario since 1995 but that’s not the only Nintendo character he has lent his vocal chords too, he also voices, Baby Mario, Luigi, Baby Luigi, Wario, Waluigi and Toadsworth. Yahoo!

source: Great Big Story

Super Mario Hot Wheels

We love anything Super Mario and we love our Hot Wheels, especially their gaming related die-cast cars!

When Hot Wheels released their Super Mario die-cast car series, we set out to hunt them all down to complete the collection. With 8 cars in the series, we were hoping to find them all before they disappeared off the retail shelves.

So how did we go? Did we get them all? Absolutely!

First cab off the rank, Toad’s Vandetta!

Next we have Mario’s sibling, Luigi and his Ryura RX

Then we have Wario’s offroad beast, the RD-08!

The evil Bowser breathes fire in his Cruise Bruiser

Princess Peach looking cool in her hotted up Bully Goat

The one and only, Super Mario and his Bread Box!

Yoshi’s Flathead Fury should go really fast!

Last but not least, Donkey Kong’s Super Van. DK can fit a fair few bananas in there!

The Hot Wheels Super Mario Die-Cast (8 car) series!


Real-Life ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Escape Game


‘Defenders of the Triforce’ is a REAL-LIFE puzzle escape game based on ‘The Legend of Zelda’ – thanks to a partnership between SCRAP Entertainment and Nintendo.

‘It is a fully hosted, story-based escape event designed for puzzle fans and fans of the Zelda franchise. There will be multiple teams in the event space all participating at the same time, and each team will have their own table to work at when not exploring.’

‘Defenders of the Triforce’ is touring eight American cities in 2017 – San Francisco, LA, Phoenix and San Diego seem to be sold out, but Seattle, Houston, Chicago and New York tickets are yet to go on sale. We’re just wondering when the Melbourne dates will be announced, lol!

city-listVisit for more information.

source: SCRAP and Nintendo on YouTube via Technabob


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Conquered: EB Expo 2016

ebexpo16_titleAs the old saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. This year’s EB Expo has come and gone, and yep, we had fun, lots of it!

A highlight for us was being invited by our Weird and Retro friends to assist in their awesome Retro Gaming section in the Freeplay City area. With 64 classic gaming systems to play, EB Expo attendees were not short on getting their nostalgia fix! From the ultra-rare Philips CD-I development kit, to the Commodore, Sega, Nintendo, NEC, Samsung and Atari wares, there was plenty to reminisce about.

While in the main hall, we got to sit on the Iron Throne, gawked at Optimus Prime, bumped into awesome cosplayers, played on PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox’s latest gear and shopped at EB Games’ massive Mega-Store! No need for more words, we’ll just leave some of our photos from EB Expo 2016 to speak for themselves…

With the sun shining, it was time for EB Expo 2016!

First stop, Hall 6 and straight to the Weird and Retro Freeplay classic gaming area

Time for a Hewson classic! Go Pogo!

The new generation enjoying some old generation gaming!

Whoa, a Jaguar in the wild!

Attendees wowing at the 16-bit computing wonders!

Freeplay City Mario Kart 64 4P Showdown!

More 4P shenanigans on the Nintendo GameCube!

Whoa, a rare beast – the Philips CD-i dev kit!

Which classic system to play first?

Difficult decision: go straight for Hotel Mario or play Transylvania on the Apple IIe?

We weren’t aware that Deadpool was on the C64. And is that Stunt Car Racer on the Amiga? Whoa!

The decision of what to play on next just keep getting harder!

Doing the math on the Jaguars!

The dark side of Sega. Oh wait, look at that beautiful Atari ST!

Busted! Weird and Retro’s Serby blowing bubbles all the way to his own PS4 Pro!

What’s this, an Atari sign and some old wares? Time to shop!

Cosplay heroes!

Time to hit the Great (Main) Hall Of EB Expo 2016

Aha, a chill session may be in order!

The Iron Throne rules this hall!

Anyone want a test drive?

Hang on, we want a test drive in Optimus Prime!

Hulk Smash!

Lego Xbox!

Lego Kong Ride and some sweet Poke Balls!

A work of Lego art!

We found Pikachu! Quickly, where are our Poke Balls?

Shop till you drop at the EB Games Mega-Store!

The temptation is strong in these ones!

Stocking up on a few goodies *wink*

We’ve hit the motherload of retrogaming goodies!

Surely we can squeeze this beauty in our checked luggage…

Scarily beautiful!

Bumped into the famous Nintendo brothers…

Mind blowingly cool!

Of course we had to go here too!

Woohoo, just dance!

Jump on the tractor!

Gonna grab a seat at Nintendo-land

Let’s all play! Got lots of streetpasses here *winks*

The Nintendo posing podiums!

Another posing podium!

Heading over to Xbox

Forza Horizon 3 was quite popular!

Dr. Curlytek conquered the VeloDrone!

Waiting their turn patiently for some VR

Aha, there they are! 

The unmissable PlayStation exhibit!

Wowing the masses with PlayStation VR

Dare to enter!

Driveclub VR = WOWSER!

A well deserved award!

All  good things must come to an end. Till the next EB Expo…