Stop Motion Super Paper Mario Bros. World 1-1

Another day and another super cool creation!

This time around it is the amazing stop-motion paper animation of the classic Famicom/NES Super Mario Bros. World 1-1 stage created by Japanese artist KisaragiHutae6. The entire animation was created in his notebook with a bit of old school literal cutting and pasting onto lined notebook paper. The result is phenomenal.

Now press play and be amazed!

source: 如月二重6 Kisaragi Hutae 6

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Peter Alexander Super Mario Sleepwear – Game On!

Check out the Peter Alexander – Super Mario Game On sleepwear! Lots of Nintendo based character pyjamas, shorts, tops and slippers for boys and girls of all ages!

Thanks again to our friend, Lane Myer for bringing this to our attention and to Ms. Ausretrogamer for taking some snaps from the Peter Alexander store. We’ll now all look cool when we sleep *wink*

photo by: Ms. Ausretrogamer

image source: Peter Alexander

photo by: Ms. Ausretrogamer

image source: Peter Alexander

photo by: Ms. Ausretrogamer


TGIF: Friday Shopping Frenzy

Well, Thank Gawd It’s Friday, or better yet, #TGIF!

Friday always feels good as it is the end of the working week and knowing that the weekend shenanigans are nigh.
To make Friday flow even easier, we thought we’d go shopping for some cool retro gaming and general pop culture stuff that you may also be interested in. Oh yeah, if you are keen on any of the gear below, just click on the pic and it will take you to the relevant merchant/store – too easy, here we go!


Console Variations: Rarest Consoles Ever Made

We thought we’d seen every conceivable console variation that has ever existed, yep even the Pioneer CLD-A100 LaserActive that plays Mega Drive / Genesis carts, CDs and LaserDiscs, sadly, we were wrong (in a good way)!

Check out some of these amazing console variants (you may know some or most of them) and then go to the Console Variations site to drool over the rest!

Hyundai Comboy (NES variant sold in South Korea only)

N64 ANA (given away by All Nippon Airways (ANA) in April 1st 1999)

GameCube Panasonic Q (we knew about this one, but still cool to see it)

Nintendo Wii: 26k Gold aka Royal Wii (only 1 made!)

Atari Marlboro Lynx

Game & Car Navi HiSaturn

Sega Dreamcast: Maziora Edition

Sony PlayStation 10 Million (only 1 made)

Xbox Panzer Dragoon Orta

Atari 2600 jr. Black (only released in Ireland)
image source: Console Variations

[story source: Kotaku Australia]


Wireless Game Boy and GBA Controller

Darn this Wireless Game Boy controller is ingenious!

In a nutshell, InsideGadgets’ Alex Iannuzzi has created a custom Game Boy (GB) TX cartridge which transforms the original Game Boy into a wireless gamepad that can be used on any device that accepts USB HID input, like a PC or Raspberry Pi (via a USB receiver). Oh yeah, there are receivers for the GameCube, Wii and SNES too – which is just awesome!

The GB TX cartridge works with Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Advance SP handhelds (Ed: there is also a GBA TX cart that works on the Micro, DS and DS Lite). The best part is that you don’t have to hack or upgrade the original Game Boy or the other GBA hardware to make this all work. Alex has done the hard work for your by designing and building the TX cartridges without the need to hack your precious Nintendo handhelds.

For more details or to place your order, go to InsideGadgets now. If you fancy yourself as a DIY guru and you want to have a crack at building one of these yourself, you are far braver than us, so go here.

image source: InsideGadgets

[story source: technabob]


A Rare Look Inside Nintendo During the SNES Era

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like in the Nintendo offices during their Super Nintendo days, then this excerpt  from the 1994 French documentary film Otaku is exactly what you are looking for!

Thanks to William Cladley from Game Escape for discovering this film and for adding English subtitles! Oh yeah, you’ll all recognise a younger Shigeru Miyamoto who even back then was always striving for a balance in creativity and management – both attributes have served him well.

source: Game Escape

Classic Times at PAX Aus 2018

There is one undeniable fact about PAX Aus – attendees love reliving their gaming past in the Classic Gaming area!

For the sixth year in a row the ever popular Classic Gaming area returned to PAX Aus – this year brought to you by Ausretrogamer, Bartronica, Bayside Pinball Club, Mr. Pinball, Pinmem, Press Play On Tape podcast, Weird and Retro and Zax Amusements. These groups all brought along their carefully preserved (and awesome) wares to create the magical and nostalgia inducing area.

From the Commodore 64, Amiga 1200, Atari ST and MSX old school computers to the Atari Lynx, Game Boy, WonderSwan, Neo Geo Pocket handhelds and Atari 2600, Vectrex, Sega Master System, NES, PC-Engine, Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo consoles (just to name a few!), the Classic Gaming area had your retro gaming covered.

Of course the area didn’t just cater for old school computer and console gamers, it had arcade machines from the golden age like Asteroids, Bad Dudes, Rampage, Double Dragon, Mortal Kombat 2, Rastan, Street Fighter II and a dozen pinball machines, from the new Stern Deadpool to the old High Roller Casino just to tickle your sentimentality without the need of extracting coins from your pocket!

Another section that made a return due to popular demand was the display museum. Standing along the right perimeter of the Classic Gaming area, the glass display cabinets created the perfect backdrop by showcasing carefully curated classic and exotic gaming pieces that invoked strong feelings of intoxicating nostalgia from gaming’s past. This of course was the intention the Classic Gaming team was going for.

With the area proving to be popular as ever, there was never an empty seat or a lonely controller – attendees took full advantage of playing on machines from their childhood and for those with families, it was great to see kids playing games that their parents would have enjoyed when they were their age. With smiles all around and a lot of positive feedback, we can safely say that the PAX Aus Classic Gaming area was a huge success.

So what will we have in store for you all in the Classic Gaming area at PAX Aus 2019? You will have to wait and see, but rest assured, we will definitely be tickling your nostalgic nerve.