Quarter Arcades Galaga ¼ Scale Arcade Replica

Whoa, seemingly out of nowhere we get the biggest surprise (so far) of 2019 – The latest Numskull Designs Quarter Arcades GALAGA ¼ scale arcade replica machine is coming to Australia!

We were totally blown away with their Pac-Man ¼ scale machine (which we got to play at PAX Aus 2018), so to say we can’t wait to play their Galaga machine would be a gross understatement.

The new Galaga ¼ scale arcade machine is currently available for pre-order (AU$278) via EB Games Australia!

Who is in? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

image source: EB Games Australia

Be The Master Of Your Keys

We bet you’ll never forget your keys with these awesome Numskull Designs official Sega retro key rings! No matter if you are an 8-bit (Master System) or 16-bit (Mega Drive) Sega fan, put your keys on one of these key rings (Ed: or on both!) and you’ll instantly be the coolest retro gamer strutting your stuff.

If you have a habit of losing your keys, we bet you won’t be losing them once you grab these awesome Sega retro key rings! Grab your set here.



SegaRetro_keyringsimage source: Numskull