Hot Mobile Gaming: The Handheld PC-Engine

If you haven’t been able to afford the astronomical prices for the PC-Engine GT (TurboExpress in the States) or the PC-Engine LT, then this DIY kit may be what you were looking for to morph your trusty PC-Engine into a mobile gaming powerhouse!

Sporting a 4 inch LCD and a custom 3D printed case (in varying colours), this awesome kit by Team Mercurius transforms the trusty original PC-Engine (and CoreGrafx & CoreGrafx II) console into one beast of a mobile gaming system. The unit operates via a USB power supply or you could hack and include a mobile battery for some true retro gaming on the go.

The whole kit will cost you under AU$200, however, the retailer (Ken Chan) does not sell internationally, so you will need a friend based in Japan or a proxy service to buy and ship it for you (when it is available).

image source: Akiba PC Hotline & Mercurius

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No QB Kneel in EA’s Madden

By: D.C. Cutler, U.S.A.

I’ve been playing EA Sports’ Madden for most of my life. It’s probably one of my favourite games. With each new edition, the graphics are enhanced and the speed increases. The game is so iconic, I can’t imagine gaming without Madden. Madden has been the go-to, two player game for most gamers; especially ones who love the NFL.

Several years ago, to make Madden more of a challenge, a friend, who I always played Madden with, thought it would be fun if we eliminated the option to QB Kneel. We kept losing close games to each other by using the QB Kneel offensive play when one of us was slightly ahead. It got kind of boring. And Madden is a lot of things, but boring shouldn’t be one of them.

source: EA Sports

When we removed the play option from our games, it made Madden even harder. When you got a comfortable lead, you couldn’t just sit on it and stop thinking about strategy. Fumbles and interceptions became more prevalent in the final minutes of a contest without the QB Kneel.

I started to not use the QB Kneel when I played single player Madden. It seems simple to just run the ball until the clock runs out, but when you’re playing a solid team on the most difficult setting, a fumble always seems to transpire. You quickly realise how important the QB Kneel is. I even tried throwing it. That was a mistake. The defences are too good to let a pass sail by, and if you miss your man, the clock stops.

Adding an extra bit of difficulty to a game that can already be a struggle isn’t wise, but if you want to get better at Madden, try it once. Even if your play with the Patriots or the Eagles, a fumble seems to always happen when you’re trying to run out the clock. I’ve even had easy field goals blocked with seconds left in the game. Playing without QB Kneels makes the urgency to score early even greater.

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2018 Reset C64 Craptastic 4KB Game Competition Results

This year’s Reset C64 Craptastic 4KB Game Competition was a great success and we would like to thank all of the competitors for their participation and hard work. Also a big thank-you to the judges and competition sponsors: RGCD, Pond Software, Bitmap Books and Protovision.

Every single entry was produced in the spirit of the competition and contained humour, creative ideas, and a demonstration of amazing skills by the developers – which is exactly what Craptastic is all about! Alas, there has to be a winner (even though we are proud of all the entries) and this time it is Paul Koller for his amazing Conga 4096. The arena shooter, based on RGCD’s Pan Dimensional Conga Combat, is definitely a worthy winner and is an amazing achievement by Paul and unbelievable for a 4KB game!

The winner: Conga 4096 by Paul Koller

Judges’ comments and more details will be published in a special Craptastic Reset mini-issue which will be out soon. Until then, enjoy the games which can be downloaded from the 2018 Craptastic page, and congratulations again to all of the entrants.


  1. Conga 4096 by Paul Koller (28.86)
  2. WTF by Misfit (26.71)
  3. Snake-a-Space (aka Molly) by Jamie & Molly Fuller, Wave Hero by Geir Straume (26.57)
  4. Chef Quest by Pond/Privy Software, Orbs by Raffaele Formato/Federico Sesler (26.43)
  5. Dustin’ Pond/Privy Software (26.14)
  6. #2vABC by James (24.57)
  7. Kalle Kloakk 4k by Megastyle (24.43)
  8. Trump Tower by Megastyle (24)
  9. Endless Worlds by Derek, Mach-Tank by Malcontent (23.43)
  10. Space Poker by Karol Stasiak (23)
  11. Elevator Eric by Derek (21.43)
  12. Rabid Robots 4k by Richard Bayliss/Alf Yngve (21.14)
  13. Mind the Mines by Derek (21)
  14. Freaky Fish by Chris Page (20.43)
  15. Toxic by Richard Bayliss/Shaun Pearson (19.43)
  16. Memory Safe by Jamie Fuller (19.29)
  17. Parking Assist Chicken (PAC) by Goerp (17.58)
  18. 4kventure by Endurion (16.57)
  19. Sheeps! By Matthew Clarke (16.29)
  20. Roll Roll Roll by Cout (14)
  21. G7000 Racer by Igmar Coenen (13.71)
  22. I Found A Moon Rock In My Nose by Cout (12.57)
  23. Plunko by Cout (12.43)
  24. $100 Box by Cout (11.14)

Out of the comp: Shinobiden Gaiden by @_fou_lu.

Chef Quest


Snake-a-Space (aka Molly)


Wave Hero



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80’s Arcade Video Games, Pinball and Mullets

Ah the good old days of the 1980s, hanging out at our local arcade parlours with mates and our monster mullets!

Thanks heaps to We Are Diehards on Facebook for sharing this most awesome vid with us all – let the nostalgia ooze baby!

source: We Are Diehards via Facebook


Retro Gaming Rarity: SEGA Master System Store Demo Unit

There are a few holy grail and rare items in the video gaming industry, and then there are those that are so rare that you probably didn’t even know they existed.

Well, it seems that this SEGA Master System Store Demo Unit on eBay falls in the category of ultra rare and an absolute holy grail! The seller has put up a considerable price tag on their auction, but we reckon it is totally justifiable, as they are being honest in their description and also opened to best offers.

This rarity is unique as there hasn’t been any precedent set before it – this is the first one we have encountered that is for sale which is in great working condition which also comes with very rare Master System demo game cartridges and cards!

It goes without saying that we would love this in our collection. How about you guys, do old gaming demo units interest you?

source: eBay Australia


Introducing the PlayStation Classic – with 20 Classic PS1 Games

It was inevitable! After the success of Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic Minis, of course Sony PlayStation were going to do the same.

In case you haven’t heard, come this December 3rd, there will be a cute little PlayStation Classic you can procure for USD$99.99/AUD$149 which will be pre-loaded with 20 classic PS1 games, including fan favourites Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.

The new PlayStation Classic will be 45% smaller than the original PlayStation

For all Australian fans, the PlayStation Classic is available now via pre-order from JB Hi-Fi for $149.00. If you prefer EB Games, they will begin pre-orders on Thursday (September 20) from 9:00am. For more info, go here.

video source: PlayStation

image source: PlayStation


The Largest Playable Game and Watch Device

Cast your mind back to November last year when we told you about Dr Tom Tilley’s awesomely cool gigantic Nintendo Game & Watch Octopus game? No? Shame on you!

If you do recall Tom’s great creation, then you will be happy to know that the folks at Guinness World Records took note and have officially recognised Tom Tilley’s mega G&W Octopus game as the “Largest playable Game and Watch device”!

Tom’s feat will feature in the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2019 at the start of the Retro Gaming section. Well done Tominator, all of us Australians (and fellow retro gamers around the world) are very proud of this achievement.

source: Guinness World Records