Pimp My C64

PimpedC64When it comes to hotted up C64s, surely none are better than Adrian Kurek’s [wpqrek] pimped Commodore 64 breadbin. Not only does Adrian’s C64 have a built-in SD2IEC, it also has a heap of other bells and whistles, from the self-made stereo SID and built-in stereo amplifier with attached speakers, to the switchable OS (original ROM and JiffyDOS) and a mini-LCD screen plus 12V DC input, making this C64 a totally portable 8-bit beast!

Check out the photos of this beauty and then watch the video to see it in action and hear the meaty sound from this monster!

Li-Poly battery for portable C64 fun! 

Blue screen beauty!

Pump up the volume!

Popping the hood on the C64 hotrod!

video source: Adrian Kurek & image source: wpqrek