Clever Marketing: Using Pinball To Promote A Credit Card

So how does a bank promote their new unlimited cashback credit card for us to notice it? They tap into popular culture and see what is currently hot!

As we all know, pinball is going gangbusters all around the world, so Standard Chartered Bank thought they’d cleverly use a pinball playfield, not just as a metaphor, but to get their message across about their new credit card – a simply brilliant piece of marketing! We may need this credit card for our next pinball machine purchase *winks*

Keep flippin’!

source: Standard Chartered Bank


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Flipping Out

Flipped_titleIf you have an interest in pinball, even if it is in passing, then this Flipped video by Mike L. Miller is a hoot to watch. I think a fair few of you (Ed: and me!) will relate to the jubilation of multi-ball play and the despondency when that shiny metal ball drains – the reactions of players in this video are priceless.

If you think pinball is just a passing fad a second time around, then think again! I am glad we are all keeping the (pinball) dream alive!

source: Flipped on vimeo


What Is Inside A Pinball

pinball_titleMachines and their mechanics have always fascinated me – from the brilliantly clever people that design them, to the bits and pieces that go inside them to make things work. One such machine that has brought lots of joy to this retro gamer, is the faithful pinball table. Pinball tables have a fair few moving parts – from ramps and bumpers, to flippers, flashing lights and thundering sound, so wouldn’t it be wonderful to see how this stuff works?

Taking a peek underneath that glossy colourful playfield and mesmirising backbox has been on my bucket list for a fair while now. Luckily, the awesome folks at Design World round up Jon Riplogle, a world-class pinball player who takes us through both a modern machine and a vintage game designed before there were such things as microprocessors and even before logic ICs (Integrated Circuits) found their way into consumer products.

Source: Design World