Reset Podcast Episode 01: The Hewson Episode

reset_podcast_eps1_hdrIf you have ever wondered what shenanigans go on behind the scenes in creating a retro computing magazine, then you are in luck! For those of you in the know, the Reset magazine crew got together for the inaugural podcast of the same name to chat about the making of Reset issue #9 (it was the Hewson Consultants theme issue).

If you weren’t in the know, now you know! Listen in and make sure you grab the issue for free over here!

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Press Play On Tape: Atari’s 8-Bit Legacy

pressplayontape18The tape is rewound, the counter set to zero, and that means only one thing: it’s time to Press Play on Tape! This month, Alex, Daz and Aaron are joined by Aleks ‘Serby’ Svetislav from Weird and Retro to take a look back at Atari’s 8-bit computer range. Alex runs us through Atari’s lineup, spanning from the Atari 400 to the ST-inspired 130XE, before handing over the Serby to discuss his beloved XE Games System!

After picking Llamasoft as publisher of choice for this month, the crew discuss the many weird and wonderful games they’ve given us over the years. The group also discovers that Jeff Minter’s games were responsible for them getting the Atari Jaguar, Nuon and the PS Vita!

On a more subdued note, it’s with great sadness that this episode sees co-hosts Alex and Darren leave the Press Play On Tape podcast. Both have made the difficult decision to step down from regular hosting duties in order to focus on other projects. The show will go on, but they both will be missed.

Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy this month’s episode!

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blahjediAaron Clement
Tassie based retro gaming guy. Father of 3 and married to the very tolerant Kellie Clement. Coffee powered!

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Ludiphilia: A Podcast About Play, People, And Things

LudiphiliaAfter doing a number of podcast interviews, it was quite refreshing to have been invited on Richard Moss’ Ludiphilia podcast. Ludiphilia weaves the subject matter into a fascinating, heartwarming and a compelling story about play, the people and all other things in-between!

We have to give credit to Richard for doing an amazing job in the scripting, editing and the narrative of this podcast – we were blown away by the final result. Take a listen *smiley*


Didn’t You Have That When You Were 12?!

DYHTWYW12_HDRWhen filmmaker, director of Knightfall, retro gaming enthusiast and podcaster Ben Campbell asks you to be on his Didn’t You Have That When You Were 12?! podcast, you can’t say yes fast enough!

I was privileged to be Ben’s inaugural guest and I must admit, I was nervous. Being a British expat now living in Australia, Ben was surveying the land down under for retrogaming friends and found yours truly. To say we hit it off would be a gross understatement. Making his guest feel comfortable, I found myself opening up and discussing personal matters interwoven in the narrative of my retro gaming story.

Take a listen as Ben and I nerd out about the Vectrex and discuss the best port of Double Dragon. I go on to reveal the bittersweet moment my dad and I found a Sega Dreamcast kiosk on the side of the road and I delve into a few of my most prized pieces in my collection. To hear the rest you’ll have to hit play on the Didn’t You Have That When You Were 12?! podcast.

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Press Play On Tape: The House That Melbourne Built

The three Press Play On Tape horsemen ride into town and head straight to the house that Melbourne built. There they meet the great, Cameron “Gazunta” Davis!

As they are lead on a tour of this Melbourne House, Cam delves into his gaming past and absolutely blows away the horsemen with stories of making C64 games at age 8, badgering a TV Week editor to become a games reviewer, then the time he tested games for a living and becoming a Games Designer! Cam’s story doesn’t end there as he reveals his comic artist genius, his many published works, becoming a TV personality and finally his pièce de résistance, being the editor of the very last issue (#107) of legendary magazine, Zzap!64!

If that wasn’t enough, Cameron provides a comprehensive bio on this month’s publisher of choice, yep you guessed it, Melbourne House! Stop fiddling with the controls and press play now!

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Press Play On Tape: STart Me Up

PPOT_13_HDRFinally, the great Atari 16-bit computer gets its time to shine on the PRESS PLAY ON TAPE podcast! With Maximum Power Up’s podcaster, Paul Monaghan as the special guest, Daz is outnumbered and admits defeat in the 16-bit computer battle. The cast looks back fondly at the ST and its many great games, from exclusives like Oids, to awesome arcade conversions like R-Type and the ultimate adventure RPG, Dungeon Master.

Rainbow Arts was chosen as the publisher of choice, with The Great Giana Sisters and Turrican getting lots of love from the lads. This month also saw a record number of responses for the audience question, which goes to show that there is plenty of love for Atari’s Sixteen/Thirty-two computer! So grab your Amiga mates and STart me up!

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Press Play On Tape: Getting To Know You – The Tassie Jedi


A new year brings new ideas! The Press Play On Tape (PPOT) hosts have introduced a new segment which aims to get to know you, the awesome listeners, that little bit better. The PPOT crew aim to find out how you got into gaming, what your fave systems and games are, knowing about your collection, and anything else that is cool to know and discuss! The hope is that this becomes a regular segment.

Having said that, all new things need to start somewhere, so the first guineapig, ahem, we mean special guest on ‘Getting To Know You‘, is the Tasmanian Jedi, Aaron Clement! The crew delves deep into Aaron’s past and takes many a tangents, but we promise you, it is all compelling listening!

The regular publisher of choice segment is discussed feverishly, with Aaron opting for Palace Software – listen in, as your contributions are read out as well! So rewind the counter to 000 and press play now!

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