NES Classic Hoodie: Now You Can Wear The Power!

Merchoid, the videogame merchandise specialist, has revealed their new official ‘Nintendo NES Classic Hoodie’.

Inspired by the classic gaming console, which saw a limited re-release last year, the hoodie is available to preorder from Merchoid now for £44.99/€54.99/$54.99 and ships in September (shipping is free to anywhere on the planet!). Featuring clean lines, body panelling, two front pockets and NES button detailing on the front, its elegant design will ensure it becomes an instant classic.

Merchoid’s Community Manager Jessica Adams says of the new hoodie “Re-enter an 8-bit 80s wonderland, where Mario is king, gloves are controllers and some of the best gaming experiences are a cartridge push away. And what better way to embrace your 80s nostalgia than representing your favorite console in one stylish hoodie? Now you’re playing with power!”

The ‘Nintendo: NES “Console Inspired Hoodie’ is available to preorder from now.

Key features of ‘Nintendo: NES Console Inspired Hoodie’.

  • New design based on the NES Console
  • Available to preorder from now for £44.99/€54.99/$54.99
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo
  • Releases September 2017

source: Merchoid


Power Glove Hacked: It’s So Bad

PowerGloveUniversalHID_TitleForget Lucas Barton declaring his love of the Power Glove because it was so BAD. Yep, the Power Glove was a terrible peripheral, but goddammit, it was so damn cool! What’s there not to have liked about it when you looked like a cyborg with it on!

Now imagine if the Power Glove was a useful peripheral! Imagine no more, as computer engineering genius, Nolan Moore has devised a Power Glove UHID (Universal Human Interface Device) project to overhaul Nintendo’s peripheral with modern sensors and wireless communication to provide the ability to use gesture and motion controls with almost anything you can think of, but in style!

Check out the video below of what has been achieved thus far with this oh so bad peripheral! Keep up to date with the project by visiting Thanks to Nolan, we can (at last!) say that the Power Glove is sooooo good!

source: HACKADAY


So Bad, But Oh So Cool Retro Gaming Peripherals

The Power Glove, it will go down in video gaming history as the epitome of a peripheral being so bad that it is actually quite cool! The Power Glove is a useless piece of kit that you can’t go without (Ed: Relax, put those pitchforks down, we love the Power Glove).

This oxymoron is not lost on gamers – there have been a number of terrible peripherals released over the years, some worse than others, but all equally desirable to have (Ed: who could also forget the unreleased Atari MindLink and the doomed Konix Multi-System!). We have managed to scrape the bottom of the peripheral barrel to bring you the coolest bad peripherals to add to your collection. Put on a bib and wipe that drool!

Peripheral: Sega Action Chair | System: Mega Drive / Genesis | Use: Control gameplay via leaning

Peripheral: Power Glove | System: Famicom / NES | Use:Super Glove Ball & Bad Street Brawler

Peripheral: Quickjoy Foot Pedal SV-129| Systems: Atari, Commodore & Amstrad | Use: Programming joystick functions to a pedal

Peripheral: Virtual Cushion | System: PC-Engine | Use: In game (b)ass force feedback

Peripheral: R.O.B. | System: Famicom / NES | Use: Gyromite & Stack-Up

Peripheral: Game Boy Pocket Sonar | System: GBP | Use: Sonar to locate fish

Peripheral: Sega BH-400 | System: Sega Mark III | Use: Hang-On handlebar

Peripheral: Menacer | System: Mega Drive / Genesis | Use: T2: The Arcade Game, Mad Dog McCree, Body Count, Who Shot Johnny Rock, Mad Dog II, Corpse Killer, Crime Patrol, Menacer shooting gallery

Peripheral: Aura Interactor | System: Various 16/32/64-Bit | Use: wearable force-feedback vest

Peripheral: Sega Activator | System: Mega Drive / Genesis | Use: infra-red motion detector for fighting games

image source: provided on demand

The Power Of Glove: A Power Glove Documentary


Nintendo’s Power Glove – it’s so bad, that it’s so damn good! The Power Glove may not have worked as promised, but it’s legacy in pop culture is undeniable. Three film-makers (Adam Ward, Andrew Austin and Paula Kosowski ) have embarked on creating a documentary that chronicles Nintendo’s notorious game controller.

Check out the official trailer below of ‘The Power Of Glove‘ documentary.

We are not alone when we say, we cannot wait for this to be released!