Tetris 35th Anniversary Silver Coin

Last year’s NZ Mint commemorative Space Invaders 40th Anniversary Silver Coin totally blew us away. Luckily for us, there is another classic video game anniversary this year which NZ Mint will help us celebrate and commemorate with one of their beautiful and special silver coins.

35 years ago, a puzzle game was born from the imagination of computer programmer, Alexey Pajitnov. That puzzle game was Tetris! Inspired by Alexey’s favourite puzzle board game, Pentominos, Pajitnov created an electronic version that let players arrange puzzle pieces in real time as they fell from the top of the playing field. The resulting design was a game that used seven distinctive geometric playing pieces, each made up of four Tetriminos. The genius of Tetris is in its simplicity which hooks you in immediately, but to master it you need the precision of a skilled surgeon and the reflexes of a cat.

Tetris was dubbed the first ‘killer app’ when it was bundled in with Nintendo’s Game Boy handheld system. We easily spent thousands of hours playing Tetris all those years ago and the passion to play it till this day still burns brightly as the first time we made four lines vanish on screen! That fun little puzzle game from 1984 has been responsible for hooking people into playing video games.

To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Tetris on June 6, NZ Mint has released a limited edition 1oz silver coin. The silver coin features the Tetris game’s iconic Tetrimino shapes on a chequered, proof background, arranged in a way to make it appear as if they are falling, much like in the game itself – very clever and iconic! The coin is housed inside a specially designed Tetris-themed arcade cabinet and includes a colourful image of the Kremlin, paying homage to the game’s Russian origins. The cushioned black felt base which holds the coin can be slipped out by lifting up the arcade cabinet, revealing the gorgeous coin. The entire package, from the coin, the felt cushion and arcade cabinet housing oozes quality and gets the nostalgic juices flowing.

If you are a coin collector or you loved (and still love) playing Tetris, then the Tetris 35th Anniversary limited-edition silver coin is the perfect memento for you.

Disclaimer: NZ Mint kindly provided the Tetris 35th Anniversary silver coin for this article.


Mind Bending Fun For Your Switch: Word Search by POWGI

Darn it, we must have missed the memo on this one! As kids growing up in the 80s we absolutely loved crosswords and word search puzzles! You could imagine our delight when we saw that our beloved Nintendo Switch now has such a game, thanks to Lightwood Games!

Word Search by POWGI is a classic word game featuring 300 puzzles, which can be solved alone or with friends. This game will definitely keep your brain occupied for a while. The game follows Lightwood’s usual streamlined, no-nonsense approach. As a portable game, it’s a pocket puzzler that’s always ready to play when you are. Puzzles are expertly hand-crafted by POWGI and stuffed to the brim with words to find. Best part is that all the content is suitable for the whole family.

You can get your gray matter ticking with the playable demo with 4 sample puzzles, or you can go straight to the full version of the game which available to download, priced at £6.99 / €7.99 / USD$7.99 / AUD$11.99

Available now from the UK/Euro eShop and US/CAN eShop.

image source: Lightwood Games


Meatballphobia: The Retro-Inspired Puzzler


This week marks more than just the release of the PS4. Mark down November 12 in your diary. If you like grey matter challenging puzzlers with a quirky premise, then Meatballphobia is your perfect tonic.

Featuring 50 brain-teasing levels of increasing difficulty, Meatballphobia focuses on relaxed problem solving instead of competition. You can play the game at your own leisure — there are no locked levels, no high-scores to beat and no timer. If you get stuck on a level, don’t stress, just go ahead and pick another stage. You can always return to that pesky level that had you in a spin.

Even though Meatballphobia plays like a modern game, its pedigree is from the 8-bit era; from the CGA palette, pixelated sprites, to the engaging chiptune soundtrack — it’s all carefully crafted to take you back in time.

Meatballphobia (Windows/Linux) will be available via Desura on November 12 (PDT) for $2.99USD. The Android version is available on Google Play and Amazon for $1.50USD.