The Ultimate 8-Bit Retro Camera

Famicam64_HDRForget about looking for the latest and greatest camera app for your smartphone, as you can now have a cool 8-bit retro camera suite with real time effects, pixel art editor and sprites!

Famicam64 lets you take photos with 40+ real-time filters that emulate the nostalgic look of retro games and computers from the 80s and 90s. All graphic modes are available – CGA, EGA, VGA and even Hercules! There are styles emulating home computers and handheld systems, from the C64, ZX Spectrum through to Nintendo’s Game Boy. The developers also took an artistic license by designing filters inspired from computing milestones and historic games such as the oscilloscope based Tennis for Two, iconic games Spacewar and Asteroids, and some filters based on early vector-based games. These filters are non-destructive and have adjustable custom parameters (you can change screen resolution, distortion or colours on the fly).


The Famicam64 camera app doesn’t just take great photos, it also allows you to:
– Draw pixel art on your photo/picture with different brushes and colours;
– Add 350+ 8-bit pixelated stickers;
– Select custom frames resembling old game covers and interfaces; and
– Write captions with cool retro fonts!

Once you are done with your work of art, you can share it with whomever and wherever you like! Famicam64 is available for free on iTunes (a paid Plus+ pack lets you disable the ads and enable all the extra content). An Android version is in the works, so keep an eye out on the Famicam64 site. The best part is, the developer will keep creating new filters and content to constantly enrich the features on the camera app. Grab the Famicam64 now and unleash your nostalgic flair!


source: PXLArtificer