The Video Game Entertainment Curve

Originally posted on Geek Is Awesome, this handy chart should always be referenced when evaluating how a video game will effect your potential time for a social life. Which game genre / category do you fall in?



Pebble Watch: Retro Gaming On Your Wrist

I want a Pebble watch. Why? See below, that should explain it. Best part is, you can download these (and more) splash screen games for free! Don’t thank me, thank pocketscience for these creations.

peb_1   peb_2   peb_3
source: My Pebble Faces – pocketscience 

Why Do You Play Video Games


Is it the fun, is it the mayhem playing with friends or is it the achievement of beating the end boss, getting a high score or completing that tough mission? Why do you play video games? If you are stuck for an answer, watch the below video and find out.

source: The Game Theorists

Gamer Personalities

Which video gamer personality are you? Are you a thinker or are you an achievement go-getter?

source: Steven Lefcourt

Six Awesome Sega Dreamcast Facts


A short and sweet video about six Sega Dreamcast facts you may or may not have been aware of. Watch it, you might learn something. We definitely did. Long live the Dreamcast!

source: Vsauce3

Happy 8-Bit Valentine’s Day

8-bit_bouquetFebruary 14th – that special day you share with that special someone. To tell you the truth, I don’t care for Valentine’s Day (sorry to all the romantics). It is a marketers dream day and a florists busiest (profitable) business day of the year !

If you are into Valentine’s Day, then I hope you enjoy the day with your special someone. If you are a gamer couple, then go forth and wreak havoc on a 2P game.

What will you do on Valentine’s Day ?





What is in a console name ?

Remember the good old days when each generational system from Sega and Nintendo had its own unique name. There was the Master System, NES, Mega Drive (Genesis), SNES, Saturn and the N64 to name a few.

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