Retro Hunting In Spa Country

Ms ausretrogamer and I hit spa country in north western Victoria on a fine winter’s day a few weekends ago.

From the Daylesford Sunday Market to local vintage bazaars and The Amazing Mill Markets in Ballarat and Daylesford, we found vintage goodies that warmed our cockles.


Sneak Peek At Atari’s New Gameband Smartwatch

Last week we reported on the imminent new Atari hardware, and now we can tell you a tad more. With just 3 days to go till the official Gameband Kickstarter launch (1:00am February 9th AEDT), some teaser sneak peek photos have emerged of the Gameband Atari and Terraria Edition smartwatches.

As can be seen in the photos (from left to right); there’ll be a straight Gameband Edition (Black, sleek and shiny), an Atari Edition (red, black and retro) and a Terraria Edition (brown, green and indie). Apparently there will be a super early bird price on Kickstarter (starting at $99USD) for a limited quantity – too bad the Kickstarter will launch at the ungodly hour of 1:00am our time :-/

According to Gameband’s CEO, Feargal Mac Conuladh, the Gameband Smartwatches will be “An insanely powerful Smartwatch, wrapped in gaming design and content.”. We shall see!

We reached out to Feargal to state that the launch was going to be at 1:00am on February 9 (our time), meaning a lot of Australians would miss out on the early bird special. He responded thusly:

It’s always good to see a CEO having a sense of humour!


Retro VGS: Keeping It Retro

RetroVGS_consoleWhen was the last time you truly got excited over a cartridge based console release? I know for myself, it was when the Nintendo 64 was announced – Super Mario 64 totally blew my mind, and that controller, oh man, I still love that controller (even though a lot of you don’t!). I just realised, that excitement for a new cart based console was almost two decades ago!

Well, start getting excited people (if you haven’t already), the Retro VGS console is generating a buzz in the gaming community like the systems we knew and loved in the 1990s. With the imminent Kickstarter campaign launch (it should launch any day / any minute now!), we can’t contain our excitement – this is the latest early bird pricing details we could find:

The final early bird pricing of the RETRO VGS Kickstarter has been announced, and it appears to be starting at $299 for the standard black model, and $349 for the Kickstarter Exclusive colours. They’ve announced that the early bird will be limited to 500 units.

This indicates that the standard pricing for the system will be $349 for the standard black model, and $399 for the Kickstarter variants, which is in line with what we’ve been hearing from Mike Kennedy and the team over at RETRO VGS over the last couple of weeks.

With the recent pricing controversy, it’s nice to see that people will have a chance to grab the system at a lower price.

As we know, Mike Kennedy and his team have been working tirelessly to ensure that the Retro VGS is a resounding success. The Retro VGS will truly be keeping it retro!






image source: RetroVGS

NOTE: Since publication, the Retro VGS crowdfunding campaign has kicked off on IndieGoGo – check it out now!


Montage of Computer Hacking In 80s Films

From Real Genius, War Games and Weird Science, to TRON, Spies Like Us and Cloak & Dagger, how many other 80s movies can you spot from this montage of computer hacking in films?

The team at Found Item Clothing have done a stellar job in collating and presenting the silliest, best and iconic hacking scenes from the big screen. Oh the nostalgia!

Source: FoundItemClothing


8-Bit Cinema Extravaganza


We have featured CineFix’s 8-Bit Cinema creations on our site before, but not to this extent. The following cult movie 8-Bit remakes are the new pinnacle in pop culture fusion.

There is no need to head to the nearest cinema complex, just get that popcorn out of the microwave,  sit back on your comfortable recliner, put your feet up and watch these luscious pixelated remakes. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Donnie Darko

The Fifth Element

Star Trek

Pulp Fiction



Blade Runner

The Big Lebowski

The Shining

Batman The Dark Knight

A Clockwork Orange

Iron Man

Hunger Games

Godzilla vs Monsters

Kick Ass

The Amazing Spider-Man

Finding Nemo

8-Bit Cinema videos source: CineFix

The Money Behind Retro Tech

Ever wondered what retro technology (including retro gaming systems) would be worth today when you factor in inflation? Wonder no more – the kind people at Portable Universe have created this awesome ‘Money Behind Retro Tech’ infographic documenting some of the most iconic retro technology of our time.
Money Behind Retro Tech
Money Behind Retro Tech by Portable Universe

Retro Gaming Street Art

I do not condone graffiti, but when I see ‘street art’, I am always in awe of the talented artists that came up with the idea and created their masterpiece (well, they are masterpieces to me).

Art is quite personal, therefore each and every one of us will take something different from each piece being viewed. With that said, check out these clever retro gaming inspired masterpieces: