Quarter Arcades Galaga ¼ Scale Arcade Replica

Whoa, seemingly out of nowhere we get the biggest surprise (so far) of 2019 – The latest Numskull Designs Quarter Arcades GALAGA ¼ scale arcade replica machine is coming to Australia!

We were totally blown away with their Pac-Man ¼ scale machine (which we got to play at PAX Aus 2018), so to say we can’t wait to play their Galaga machine would be a gross understatement.

The new Galaga ¼ scale arcade machine is currently available for pre-order (AU$278) via EB Games Australia!

Who is in? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

image source: EB Games Australia

Fun Little Nintendo Console Infographics

Thank you to our awesome friend Goose (on Twitter), for letting us know about these lovely little Nintendo console infographics.

We knew we had to share them with the rest of you! Now we just need to convince Entartika to create some for the SNES, N64 and GameCube.

image source: Fun Little Infographics on imgur


Handcrafted, Vintage and Unique Retro Gaming Goodies

When our friends at Pinball Press covered handcrafted and unique pinball products on Etsy, we have a lot of you asking us to do the same for retro gaming. So your wish is our command!

Here is a selection of pretty cool retro gaming items on Etsy to suit any budget and any occasion – let’s go shopping!

Sega Seal Of Quality

Streets Of Rage 3D Shadow Box Art – framed

Hylian Shield Wooden Pin – Zelda

Awesome Nostalgia Retro Gaming T-Shirt

Game Over – enamel pin

Street Fighter – Ryu: 3D Shadow Box Art (framed)

80’s Retro Gaming Cartridge Throw Pillow Case

Altered Beast T-SHIRT / Beast Mode Gym / Retro Gaming / Unisex

Video Game Controller Poster

Oregon Trail Mug

Pokemon 3D Shadow Box Art (Framed)

NES Controller Patch

Retro NES Controller Card – A Card For Any Occasion (Birthday, Christmas, Gift)

Pixelated Heart Deco Coin Necklace

Custom Commodore 64 Printed Converse Sneakers



One Hour of 1980s Video Game Commercials

Enjoy a trip down memory lane with Dave Freeman’s hour long compilation of 1980s video game commercials from the Video Game Commercial Archive that was released on DVD in 2007.

This video is jam packed with so much nostalgia, it will make you giddy!

source: Dave Freeman


Final Fight: The Complete History

We reckon  Daniel Ibbertson from Slope’s Games Room must have a direct link to our gaming memories. Either that or we have identical tastes in video games – which is a great thing!

Daniel’s Double Dragon, Metal Slug and Splatterhouse complete history videos were absolutely brilliant, and now with his latest video, a complete history of our second fave beat’em up of all time, Capcom’s Final Fight, Daniel has nailed it yet again! From the game’s inspiration and franchise origins, to the game series and its many characters, Daniel leaves no stone unturned.

What’s this Street Fighter ’89? Daniel explains it all in his video

So head on down to Metro City, smash some telephone boxes, grab some meat rolls and swing a pipe at the complete history of Capcom’s awesome side scrolling brawler!

source: Slope’s Games Room

The N64 Game Pak Controller

N64controllerpak_ttitleLet’s face it, you either loved the three-prong N64 controller or you hated it. For the record, we LOVED it!

If you are in the ‘we don’t like it so much’ camp, then this Nintendo 64 game pak hack from Bungle will be of interest to you. So if you have tiny hands, an empty N64 game pak shell and a donor controller, then this DIY hack is for you!

[source: Hackaday]

source: Bungle Bungleman

I’m So Dizzy: How It All Began For The Oliver Twins

TheOliverTwins_TitleWe (ms. ausretrogamer and I) were quite giddy when we saw the above tweet from the Oliver Twins! It’s not every day that you see your childhood game developer heroes talk about how they got started in the business of making games.

It is quite cool to see Philip and Andrew Oliver (aka: The Oliver Twins) use the opportunity of their ‘Let’s Play‘ video to talk about how they first got into video games and the skills required to create their first arcade game, Cavey, on the BBC Model B computer. Written in 100% Machine Code (6502 Assembler) around ’84/’85, the lads were only 16 years old! The game wasn’t published until a year later when they managed to get several games published by Players – the budget label of Interceptor Software. Press play and get a hit of nostalgia! Thank you Andrew and Philip!

source: Oliver Twins