Atari Lynx: The Games That Never Were

The Atari Lynx was and still is a great handheld. Imagine if Atari had McWill’s LCD mod back then, they may have given the Sega Game Gear and possibly the Game Boy a run for their money (Ed: OK, perhaps not the Game Boy)!

If you were into arcade style games, then the Atari Lynx was your platform of choice. With games like Double Dragon, Klax, A.P.B., Battlezone 2000, Rygar, Hard Drivin’, Joust, Xybots, Paperboy and the awesome Rampage, Robotron and S.T.U.N. Runner, the Lynx was not short on quality action titles. Actually, we could have added a laundry list of other games, but we thought you’d get the picture with a subset of titles.

During the commercial lifespan of the Atari Lynx, there were a roster of big name titles that never saw the light of day. We could only imagine the impact these games may have had on the commercial viability of the Lynx! Just in case you were wondering, here are a few of the cancelled games from 1992 that we reckon could have catapulted the Lynx on the path to success:

Rolling Thunder





There were quite a few other cancelled games, but we thought we’d limit the list to ensure that we didn’t enrage you all. Actually, quite a few cancelled games did make it out when Hasbro, the owners of the Atari properties at the time, released the rights to develop for the system to the public domain, but that was well after the Lynx was considered dead (Ed: we did appreciate Alien vs Predator and Raiden)!

Ah, the beautiful Lynx, if only you were given a proper and fair chance by your creator!


Secret Agent Showdown: 4125 vs Albatross


The retro gaming secret agent showdown to end all showdowns! Impossible Mission’s Agent 4125 takes on Rolling Thunder’s Agent Albatross. There is no room for Mr. Bond in this battle.

ImpossibleMission rolling_thunder_screen
Game: Impossible Mission Rolling Thunder
Agent ID: 4125 Albatross
Organisation: Unknown World Crime Police Organization
Skills: – Riding Elevators
– Somersaulting over deadly robots
– Finding password pieces
– Espionage
– Opening lots of doors
– Eliminating “Maskers”
Weapons: None Pistol or Assault Rifle
Mission: Stop the evil Professor Elvin Atombender
Save agent Leila Blitz from Geldra

For your next mission, should you choose to accept it, which secret agent would you rather be?