Mortal Kombat VS. Street Fighter

The ultimate 2D Fighting game showdown: Mortal Kombat VS. Street Fighter!

This is it peeps, choose your side, either Capcom’s venerable Street Fighter or the gore-fest from Midway Games (now Warner Bros.), Mortal Kombat. Chun Li versus Kitana, Ryu taking on Raiden, Blanka versus Jax – which franchise will deliver the final fatality? Finish him!

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Documentary: Street Fighter 30th Anniversary

In the beginning, Capcom created Street Fighter (1987). Then came the all conquering Street Fighter II in 1991, and the rest, as they say, is history!

In this three-part documentary, fans and players from around the world discuss what makes Street Fighter special. Each era of the series is explored before heading into the modern era!

Kick back and enjoy – Hadouken!

Part 1: In The Beginning

Part 2: The Community

Part 3: The Next Generation

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Gorgeous Street Fighter V Posters

CWS bannerCelebrate the upcoming release of Street Fighter V on the PlayStation 4 and PC (Feb 16) with these new wall scroll posters by CWS Media Group (in partnership with Capcom, USA). These gorgeous posters feature old favourites as well as some new characters.





M. Bison
M. Bison




(See more on the CWS website).

Source: CWS Media Group


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Street Fighter The New Challenger: Ryu

street-fighter-t-n-c-01-ryu_1Attention Street Fighter fans: The highly successful The New Challenger (T.N.C.) 01: Ryu figure from BigBoysToysHK is reaching its last and final run and is about to release soon! Make sure you do not miss out and orders yours now, and use the LASTCHANCE4RYU code for a further $8.00USD discount upon checkout! It’s a win win!

This stylized Ryu sits on a custom diorama representing his Street Fighter II: The World Warriors stage and is depicted with his iconic Hadouken stance; the Hadouken actually lights up by pressing the Street Fighter button on the diorama stand (Ed: Oo’er!)! As well, for every press of the button, the official soundclip of Ryu shouting “HADOUKEN” will be played! This is truly a great collector piece. Grab it while you can!

street-fighter-t-n-c-01-ryu-darkimage source: Play Asia


Video Gaming Images

If you are like me, you enjoy looking at video gaming inspired artwork. I came across Hoodie’s gaming images on the minus network and I thought I would share a few with you. Take a gander!








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There are plenty more where these came from. Hit the Gaming Images gallery to check them all out!


Street Fighter: Where Are They Now

Ever wondered what has become of your favourite Street Fighter? Wonder no more! The talented Canadian 2D and 3D artist, Arman Akopian (aka: I-GUYJIN-I) has taken it upon himself to collate and show us what has happened to our favourite Street Fighters in the ‘Street Fighter Chronicles’.

Time hasn’t been too kind to our fighters – did you know that Zangief found God! I am still devastated to what has become of my favourite fighter, Ryu – very sad indeed.




Source: I-GUYJIN