The Rise And Fall Of SNK

Back in May 2002, US digital cable channel G4 (aka: G4tv) aired the video gaming documentary series, Icons. For four seasons Icons focused on the key people, companies, products, history and major milestones in the world of video games. In season five, which was its last, Icons broadened its scope by featuring general pop culture content.

From the many Icons video gaming documentaries, we loved their look at SNK Corporation (season 3, episode 12), from its humble beginnings to becoming an arcade gaming behemoth with their Neo Geo products, only to see it all crash and tumble a decade or so later.

Step back in time and get a dose of some video gaming history!

source: KonamiGamer

DISCLAIMER: We are well aware that SNK lived on via Playmore, but this article focuses on the old SNK Corporation that produced arcade games and home gaming systems.


SNK: The Future Is Now

SNK are going back to to their glorious gaming past by shedding their SNK Playmore Coporation moniker and becoming SNK Corporation, with the awesome slogan, ‘The Future Is Now’! As announced on their website, the change becomes official on December 1, 2016!

The press release from SNK states: This change of corporation name to “SNK”, and slogan to “The Future Is Now” marks a return to SNK’s glorious gaming history. Through the huge success of many of its game franchises in the past, SNK is still a brand supported by countless fans from around the world to this day. The new corporation name chosen for this turning point, signifies both a return to the origins of SNK, and revival of our pioneer spirit to always offer long-time fans of SNK, as well as newcomers, entertainment of an even higher quality moving forward.

Let’s hope that the Neo•Geo is resurrected in some way, shape or form in the (near) future!

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Neo Turf Masters Tees Off On Mobile Devices

Neo-Turf-Masters-DotEmuCast your mind back to a woman announcing, “On the gween!” as your golf ball lands close to the hole in Nazca’s classic, Neo Turf Masters – oh the memory! Well guess what, French retro gaming revivalists, DotEmu are bringing the Neo Geo classic golf game to your iOS and Android mobile devices. So stay out of the rough and tee off with Neo Turf Masters on June 30!

source: DotEmu