Lusting for the Sony PSX DESR-7100 PlayStation 2 Console

It is no surprise that we (outside of Japan), missed out on a lot of cool gaming products, just like this Sony PSX DESR-7100 PlayStation 2 console!

The Sony PSX DESR-7100 is a digital video recorder that can be used to record and playback TV programs (on its hefty 250GB HDD), play your favourite PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 video games and of course, to blast your audio CDs on.

The DESR-7100 has interfaces (under the front panel) for two PlayStation memory cards, USB (to connect with the PSP) and Sony’s proprietary Memory Stick PRO Duo. The rear of the system has two PlayStation (DualShock / DualShock 2) controller ports, VGA, S-Video, composite video, RGB/SCART and RF (VHF and CATV connections).

The infrared remote makes the whole package feel more like a one stop media centre, which would have been mind blowing for us back in 2003!

This model (7100) came with a 250GB HDD, but the entire DESR range starts at the lower-spec models (DESR-5000) and goes all the way up to the top of the range DESR-7700 which includes all the bells and whistles for the time, like the Ghost Reduction Tuner and the introduction of the Broadcast Satellite (BS) inputs/outputs.

Oh yeah, the DESR range also introduced Sony’s XrossMediaBar (XMB) which we grew to love and use on the PSP, PS3 and 2008-era Bravia TVs!

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Console Variations: Rarest Consoles Ever Made

We thought we’d seen every conceivable console variation that has ever existed, yep even the Pioneer CLD-A100 LaserActive that plays Mega Drive / Genesis carts, CDs and LaserDiscs, sadly, we were wrong (in a good way)!

Check out some of these amazing console variants (you may know some or most of them) and then go to the Console Variations site to drool over the rest!

Hyundai Comboy (NES variant sold in South Korea only)

N64 ANA (given away by All Nippon Airways (ANA) in April 1st 1999)

GameCube Panasonic Q (we knew about this one, but still cool to see it)

Nintendo Wii: 26k Gold aka Royal Wii (only 1 made!)

Atari Marlboro Lynx

Game & Car Navi HiSaturn

Sega Dreamcast: Maziora Edition

Sony PlayStation 10 Million (only 1 made)

Xbox Panzer Dragoon Orta

Atari 2600 jr. Black (only released in Ireland)
image source: Console Variations

[story source: Kotaku Australia]


Introducing the PlayStation Classic – with 20 Classic PS1 Games

It was inevitable! After the success of Nintendo’s NES and SNES Classic Minis, of course Sony PlayStation were going to do the same.

In case you haven’t heard, come this December 3rd, there will be a cute little PlayStation Classic you can procure for USD$99.99/AUD$149 which will be pre-loaded with 20 classic PS1 games, including fan favourites Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms.

The new PlayStation Classic will be 45% smaller than the original PlayStation

For all Australian fans, the PlayStation Classic is available now via pre-order from JB Hi-Fi for $149.00. If you prefer EB Games, they will begin pre-orders on Thursday (September 20) from 9:00am. For more info, go here.

video source: PlayStation

image source: PlayStation


Most Popular Holiday Toys From The Past 50 Years

What toys will you be getting this Christmas? If you want to get an idea of what holiday toys have been popular over the last 50 years, take a look at the below infographic. Do you recognise or still have any of these toys? Looks like Atari, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony made the list. I can’t believe Commodore nor Sega didn’t make the cut – must be an American list (haha!).


source: Abby Ryan Design

The Playstation Journey


Little did we know that Sony would change the video gaming landscape once they entered the fray with their Playstation console in late 1994. Sony smashed the opposition and had a hand in choking out their rival, Sega (Ed: I am still livid over that!). Sony cemented their place in the gaming pantheon with the world’s best selling console of all time, the Playstation 2. The gaming world has changed quite a bit over the last decade with the merge of gaming with online home entertainment and social media – thank you Sony (Ed: sarcasm?). With four video gaming systems in the bag (excluding their handhelds), I wonder what Sony will come up with next?


PS4: Greatness Awaits

For a lot of gamers, November 15 2013 cannot come fast enough. My primary gaming may be on vintage systems, but hey, even I get excited when I see trailers like this one from Sony. Greatness surely awaits.

source: PlayStation

Sony unveils the new PS Vita handheld and PS Vita TV

Sony has unveiled their latest PS Vita model and the new addition to their hardware family, the PS Vita TV. I think i just heard Microsoft quaking in their boots.

Sony PS Vita

Sony's new PS Vita

Sony’s new PS Vita


  • The new model replaces the original’s OLED screen with a 5 inch LCD screen
  • It is 1.5cm thick (20% thinner) and weighs 219 grams (15% lighter)
  • Has a built-in 1GB memory
  • Comes in a range of six colours
More colour choice for the trendsetters

More colour choice for the trendsetters


Sony PS Vita TV

The all new Sony PS Vita TV

The all new Sony PS Vita TV


  • Inexpensive version of Sony’s latest PS Vita that plays games on your TV rather than the palm of your hand
  • It has a card slot for playing your physical PS Vita games; but can also download PS Vita, PSOne classics, and PSP games from the PlayStation Store
  • Can stream content from popular services such as Hulu or Netflix
  • Will have a remote play function allowing you to stream PlayStation 4 games to another television (Ed: Yes!)
  • Connects to your tv through HDMI and plays games in 720p and 1080i
Sony's 'killer' new hardware - PS Vita TV

Sony’s ‘killer’ new hardware – PS Vita TV

Does this Sony announcement excite you? I am not much of a PS Vita fan (I still use my Nintendo DS and Sony PSP), but the PS Vita TV does get me quite excited!