JUMPGRID: The Bullet Hell Hyper-Pac-Man

Whoa, this new Ian MacLarty developed white-knuckle dodge’em-up is straight outta Melbourne!

You may be asking, what exactly is this game? Well, let us tell you, at its essence, JUMPGRID is a bullet hell hyper-Pac-Man. The player must survive an ever-moving cosmic obstacle course by deftly teleporting between nodes on the “jump-grid”. Clear all nodes to open a wormhole to the next level. Success requires only a few seconds of precision finger ballet, but touch any of the pulsing hazards and the level instantly resets, ready for you to try again, and again, and again… This is a game about honing your muscle memory until you learn to dance with your fingers!

  • Skin-of-your-teeth gameplay with easy to learn controls
  • Over 100 uniquely challenging levels
  • An original pulse-pounding electronica soundtrack
  • Flaunt your skill and find fame on the speedrun leaderboards
  • Adjustable game speed

Jumpgrid will be hitting PC/Steam, Mac and Itch.io on February 12 for US$4.99 / £3.99 / €3.99 / A$7.50.

image source: Ian MacLarty


Capcom Beat‘Em Up Bundle – Classic Side-Scrolling Brawlers

September 18 can’t come fast enough!

Why you ask? Here is why, the kings of our favourite gaming genre (beat’em ups), Capcom is releasing their Capcom Beat’Em Up Bundle comprised of absolute classic old school arcade side-scrolling co-op brawlers on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam. Looks like they have covered all bases!

So what titles are included? Only seven of the best Capcom arcade beat’em ups:

✔ Final Fight (1989)
✔ Captain Commando (1991)
✔ The King of Dragons (1991)
✔ Knights of the Round (1991)
✔ Warriors of Fate (1992)
✔ Armored Warriors (1994)
✔ Battle Circuit (1997)

Can’t wait to grab this bundle on the Switch! Are you getting this too? If so, on what platform? Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook to tell us, and let us know your fave from this awesome bundle.

source: Capcom


Galencia on Steam!

The 2017 C64 GOTY, Galencia is now on Steam! So for those that missed out on Jason Aldred’s brilliant shmup on the C64, you are in luck, just head to Steam and buy it immediately!

If you are asking yourself, what is Galencia, then let us enlighten you – Galencia is a tribute to the great ‘stars and space’ shooters from the 1980’s, a love letter to Galaga and similar games from the golden age of arcade games.

Thanks to the awesome Jason Aldred, we have 5 x Galencia Steam keys to giveaway! All you have to do is tell us what your fave shoot’em up is on Twitter or Facebook (you must follow us and/or Like our page to be in the running).

The Galencia Steam keys giveaway will close at 4:00pm on July 31 (Australia Eastern Standard Time). Giveaway winners will be announced on August 1! So go on, what are you waiting for, hit Twitter and Facebook!

The lowdown:

Oh yeah, Galencia on Steam is enjoying a 40% launch discount, so go and get pew, pew, pewing!

PS: Jason has informed us that there is a sequel in the works, Galencia: Khaos Sphere that you can back right now on Indiegogo!


KG’s Favourite PC Sports Games

image source: staticflickr

By: KG – an experienced browser-based games developer with a big passion for writing. She is obsessed with driving games, yoga, and astrophysics.

We all love sports regardless of the fact that we actually play them in real life or we just enjoy them virtually on a computer! So, there’s absolutely no wonder why there are so many amazing PC sports games available nowadays.

But how do you choose one that managed to capture the excitement of a real-life sporting event without slacking off on quality when it comes to the player experience?

If you want to enjoy some good-old fashion sports games on your PC, take a look below. These are the games that shaped generations and created new names in the industry. These are the games worth playing when you want to feel like an athlete on your PC!


The FIFA game series is one of the richest in the sports games niche as it releases a new version every year, starting with the 1990s. Right now, you can get the FIFA 2018 version for PC and you’ll also get a little surprise if you play any of the other series. This year, the game has a single player story mode, which is impressive for this game. You can also play online and enjoy hours of fun with the community (one of the strongest game communities in the world).

Overall, FIFA may be focused on football, but it’s a game with a lot of kick (Ed: pun not intended!) and adrenaline that will keep you glued to your PC for days!

Out Of The Park 2019

If football is not your thing, you can always try a nice baseball game, especially now that the OOTP19 is available! Just like with FIFA, there’s a lot of management involved and you have to create and lead your team to success. The action is enticing and there’s a lot to do to keep you busy and engaged.

NBA 2K11

image source: Amazon

Basketball is highly appreciated by the American public so you can understand why there are so many cool games available for download. However, the best of the best must be NBA 2K11 with Michael Jordan as the main character. So, if you ever dreamed of being Jordan himself, now is the time to see that dream becoming reality!

However, if you’re looking for something lighter, there are plenty of online basketball games you can try for free and that don’t require a gaming computer!

Rocket League

For those players who are just looking to have some fun time, Rocket League is the perfect game for a boring Sunday afternoon. After all, you’re playing football with cars – what could be more entertaining than this?

It may be a fantasy sport, but it is still one of the most popular games on Steam. The unique physics and the way the game is created will definitely keep you coming back for a dose of fun.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

image source: ytimg.com

While some may argue that wrestling is not a sport, it is definitely entertaining which is why we decided to include it anyway. Fire Pro Wrestling World is the closest you’ll ever get to Mortal Kombat in a game that features actual real wrestlers.

The cool thing here is that you own the rules and can actually create your own. Not to mention that there’s a lot of customisation involved from the ring to the way the wrestler looks and behaves.

In conclusion, there are plenty of sports games out there and you can choose between games that exist in real life and games that are nothing but a fantasy. After all, games do represent the virtual world so why wouldn’t you be allowed to fulfil your wilder dreams than just playing football?

Steam Greenlight: Lode Runner Legacy

“Lode Runner Legacy” Infiltrates Steam Greenlight
Classic platformer returns with fiendish new challenges

When Tozai Games announced that the classic platformer series Lode Runner was on Steam Greenlight, we had to take note! “Lode Runner Legacy” is the latest edition in the classic Lode Runner series, a masterpiece of action puzzle gaming first introduced in the U.S. in 1983 by creator Doug Smith. This new version features all of the high-adrenaline gameplay Lode Runner is known for with an updated Voxel visual style and powerful editors that let players create their own Runners and items. The Steam Greenlight campaign can be found here.

“Lode Runner endures because its combination of action and puzzle-solving never goes out of style,” says Scott Tsumura, co-founder of Tozai Games. “For this new edition, we’ve included a suite of game editors that allow players to customize to their hearts’ content and create their ‘one and only Lode Runner.’ We hope longtime fans and new players support this updated edition of ‘Lode Runner Legacy’ on Greenlight.”

In Lode Runner, players manipulate “Runner” to infiltrate the evil empire and recover stolen gold while avoiding enemies and minefields. The ingenious balance of puzzle and action gameplay from the original game is alive in “Lode Runner Legacy,” along with many new features that offer a fresh Lode Runner experience to both new players and returning fans alike.

Lode Runner’s frantic action takes place in static, maze-like levels, where a single player dodges enemies while running and climbing platforms to reach and claim stacks of gold. Jumping and shooting foes is forbidden, but blocks can be blasted to access lower platforms or trap pursuing enemies. Winding through ever-increasing levels of complexity is not for the faint of heart.

Key features of Lode Runner Legacy include:

  • Adventure Mode: Sneak through the evil Empire and bring back stolen gold!
  • Puzzle Mode: It’s all puzzles, all the time. No enemies allowed.
  • Classic mode: Play the original 150 levels in 3D!
  • World Levels: An outstanding collection of user-created levels.
  • Level Editor: Create your own levels and share with other fans.
  • Character Editor: Design your own Runner and enemies.
  • Item Editor: Create custom gold items.
  • Online Rankings: Compete against other fans in global standings.

New in this edition:

  • Varying level sizes
  • More technical bonuses
  • Deadly enemies
  • Challenging new AI
  • FPS camera view

“Lode Runner Legacy” is expected to launch this summer. For more information, visit the Tozai blog.

source: Tozai Games


Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap is Ms. Ausretrogamer’s favourite Sega Master System game, so to say she is excited for the remake of the 1989 classic would be a gross understatement!

The Dragon’s Trap remake is being developed by Paris based Lizardcube and published by the awesome DotEmu! We eagerly read each development blog entry for how things are panning out, and we wait with bated breath for this game to come out on all modern consoles, including the Nintendo Switch and also PC.

No matter your choice in systems, 2017 is going to be a great year for gaming! We can’t wait for The Dragon’s Trap.




source: The Dragon’s Trap


Double Dragon IV: Billy and Jimmy Lee Are Back!

Just in time to celebrate their 30th anniversary since kicking ten shades out of the Black Warriors gang, Billy and Jimmy Lee are back in Double Dragon IV! This time, the Lee brothers are bringing back the gritty 80’s with them, however the battleground has moved from New York City to Japan!
This instalment of one of the greatest co-op beat’me ups will be coming to the PlayStation®4 and Steam (PC) at the end of January (Jan 30 in North America). We have yet to hear if that is a worldwide release date – we hope it is! Either way, all Double Dragon fans should rejoice as key members from the 1987 arcade version including Original Planner, Yoshihisa Kishimoto, Designer, Koji Ogata, and Composer, Kazunaka Yamane, have teamed up to recreate the next chapter in this awesome saga.
Details about this sequel are sketchy, but the screenshots show that the game will follow Double Dragon‘s old school pixelated visuals and will offer both a story mode and a two-player duel. The catchy Double Dragon theme song has also been remixed for your aural pleasure.
To say we are excited for Arc System Works’ Double Dragon IV would be a gross understatement! Get your baseball bats ready!

video & image source: Arc System Works