Timeshock! – The Arcade Edition Coming To Arcooda Video Pinball

Video pinball has come a long, long way and Arcooda is leading the way with their innovative and advanced Arcooda Video Pinball machine.

Hot on the heels of their partnership with FarSight Studios (makers of The Pinball Arcade), Arcooda has just announced that it has partnered with Barnstorm Games Limited, to release Timeshock! – The Arcade Edition, an advanced video pinball cabinet version of the popular and realistic Pro Pinball:Timeshock! game.

If you remember the Pro Pinball series, then you’ll no doubt have fond memories of Timeshock!, one of just four video pinball tables released in the series between 1995 and 1999. With advanced pinball physics, a brand new lighting engine and photo realistic graphics at spectacular resolutions, Timeshock! – The Arcade Edition will take pinball simulation to heights never before seen on a full sized video pinball machine.

Working with Arcooda, Barnstorm Games will add many new features suitable for full cabinet support including multi backglass display, multi colour DMD, real pinball parts support including: pinball coils, plunger, shaker motors, advanced tournament feature and much more.

To say we can’t wait to get flippin’ on the Arcooda Video Pinball machine would be a massive understatement!

The most innovative and advance video pinball machine!

image source: Arcooda