Hot Wheels Battle: Star Trek VS Star Wars

HotWheels_SWvsSTI may have been a Matchbox fan in my younger years, but it’s all about Hot Wheels right now! Starting with the Atari NostalgicsHot Wheels (well, Mattel) have definitely piqued my interest in their little cars.

It seems that Hot Wheels have jumped on the pop culture bandwagon and are hurtling down to your local toy store. Not only have Hot Wheels fused their cool toy cars with one sci-fi cult classic, Star Trek, but they have given us the equivalent of a boxing one-two sucker punch by also giving us the Star Wars collection(s).

Considering it is a new year, and in the spirit of giving (thank you Ms. ausretrogamer), I wasn’t going to deny myself either of these collections. Star Trek or Star Wars – let the battle for the sci-fi universe begin!

The Star Trek collection

Star Trek Collection explained

Oooooo, Spock!

The Star Wars Hot Wheels gang!
Looking good Mr Skywalker

Join the dark side of the Hot Wheels force!
The Battle Of The Hot Wheels Universe!

Vader is all over Bones!

Hey Santa, I’ve Been A Good Boy

Dear Santa,

I know you are busy and stuff, but I thought I’d drop you a line and let you know that I’ve been a very good boy this year.

Since I’ve been good, I thought I would send you my Christmas present wishlist. I hope you could put one (or perhaps more) of these gifts under my Christmas tree – I have included some photos to make your job easier. I promise I’ll leave you heaps of biscuits, milk or whatever other food or beverages you and your reindeer prefer – just let me know.

Thanks Santa and Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Yours sincerely,


Being a big fan of Masters Of The Universe, this would look great on my desk.

Ms. ausretrogamer will like these too.

Who doesn’t love Arnie! I’ll be back!

I want to show some love to my Atari ST.

I’ll break you! That’s what he said, not me!

The future is now! Hand me that almanac.

A bit of footy at Xmas is always great!

This would be great for some Xmas eve viewing.

It says it is the complete edition!

I know I am not a Zelda fan, but this hoodie is cool. Oh yeah, I am a medium!

I can pretend to be Link. I’d be so boss!

Any one of these gaming related items would be appreciated. I am not fussy.

The Thrill Of The Chase: Gone Hunting

There was only one thing to do on a cold and miserable Sunday – go hunting! No guns or ammunition were required for this hunting trip. We armed ourselves with warm clothing and a keen eye to find some retro gaming gear and other vintage items.

Once the target was found, we went in to prowl. It was clear from the outset that this hunting trip was not going to disappoint. Once we got past the usual household kitsch items, we found precious arcade machines from the 1970s, lots of comics, vinyl records and a number of classic video gaming systems and games.

The selection of retro gaming systems and games did get the nostalgic nerve quite excited. There was no way we were going to leave empty handed on this hunt. Sorry wallet.

Didn’t know where to focus on this collection of action figures. Daytona USA lurked in the background

Aha, there it is!

The perfect tube to play some Pong

Found hiding – some MOTU pals

These Atari games look lonely

RoboCop action figures!

Robie Junior would not have been happy if this guy came home with us

Alex Kidd tuned in on a proper vintage TV! Hells yeah!

Sega delights
Did someone say Sega, Atari and Nintendo?

Vintage vinyl!

Keeping it reel

Perfect price for a fighting game

Perfect price for an ice hockey game


More KISS baby!

Can’t hide from me Mr Macintosh SE!

CIB Battlecat? No way!

The dreaded Castle Grayskull

LCD goodness in this cabinet

A throwback to the WWF!

More Sega goodies

I spy with my little eye something beginning with N

The holiest of holy, 1974’s Speed Race. And it’s in working order!hunt_Taito_Speed_Race
More old arcade beauties found!

The perfect ending to a great hunt

Most Popular Holiday Toys From The Past 50 Years

What toys will you be getting this Christmas? If you want to get an idea of what holiday toys have been popular over the last 50 years, take a look at the below infographic. Do you recognise or still have any of these toys? Looks like Atari, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony made the list. I can’t believe Commodore nor Sega didn’t make the cut – must be an American list (haha!).


source: Abby Ryan Design

The Thrill Of The Chase

Vintage Market

As the saying goes, “the thrill is in the chase”. As an avid curator of video games of the retro kind, and lover of vintage toys, I can attest to this notion – there is nothing like the adrenaline rush you get when hunting an old game or that Six Million Dollar Man figurine you had from the 70’s.

vintage_tabletops_ausretrogamer        vintage_startrek_ausretrogamer        vintage_ljf_ausretrogamer

The allure of the hunt is intoxicating, and when you ‘find’ your prey, it is like a “hit” (or should that be “fix”?). I embark on these ‘retro gaming hunts’ on a regular basis – it is the rush that I am seeking from trying to find my prey. It is  a guilty pleasure that does not hurt anyone (except for my hip pocket). Even when the hunt is fruitless, the passion lingers to hunt again.

vintage_pacman_ausretrogamer        vintage_starwars_ausretrogamer        vintage_MOTU_ausretrogamer

From time to time, you find a place that jolts your adrenal gland – just like the hipster vintage market I found in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Looking at the photos, you get the idea of the gear that is available in this place – from vintage toys to electronic games. It is easy to get your ‘fix’ by looking, but the hand-to-wallet twitch is ever present.

For your photo fix, check out the entire album here

If you have any adrenaline inducing stories, please share them with us. There is nothing like the release of epinephrine and dopamine – it feels great!


Try hooking up your C64 or NES to one of these vintage beauties