PAX Aus 2018 Classic Gaming Area Captured on VHS!

Now this was a pleasant surprise from Jack (aka: NewOldStock)!

If you like your videos to be authentically gritty and grainy (like they were 30 years ago), then check out this one of the Classic Gaming Area at PAX Aus 2018 captured on a 1986 National (Panasonic) M5 VHS camera!

We spoke to Jack to tell us a bit more about how this cool video came about. Jack told us that he is an avid collector of vintage A/V equipment that he loves to restore and use – his dream is to ultimately become a filmmaker. The National (Panasonic) M5 camera that he used for this footage cost him AU$70 at Cash Converters – we reckon that is money well spent. He informs us that he wanted this particular brand and model due to its reliability and the fact that batteries are still being manufactured for it – some 32 years after its initial release (totally mind blowing)! Jack’s challenge to transfer the VHS footage to be viewed on the net was daunting, however with sheer determination and tenacity, he found an old DVD recorder in hard rubbish that he used to digitise the VHS footage – now that is fortuitous!

Thanks heaps to Jack and his hard work in creating this awesome video – we feel like we have been transported back to the 80s and absolutely love it! Enjoy!

source: OldNewStock


90s Nostalgia Series Art By Aly Jones

Gotta thank our friends Weird and Retro for bringing this art to our attention!

You all got to check out Aly Jones’ 90s Nostalgia Art Series artwork, the jolt of old school popular culture stuff will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside! Aly’s artwork will definitely make you miss the 90s!

Check out the entire Aly Jones 90s Nostalgia Art Series on Facebook and also hit Aly’s site for more of her awesome art!

image source: Aly Jones’ 90s Nostalgia Series via Facebook