Retro Hunting In Spa Country

Ms ausretrogamer and I hit spa country in north western Victoria on a fine winter’s day a few weekends ago.

From the Daylesford Sunday Market to local vintage bazaars and The Amazing Mill Markets in Ballarat and Daylesford, we found vintage goodies that warmed our cockles.


Gone Retro Hunting

What does one do on a lazy Sunday afternoon? They go hunting for some old school classic gear at the local vintage market in Brunswick East.

After a few goes on the Daytona USA and Tazmi’s TX-1 arcade machines, we got hunting. So, what did we find you may ask? Take a gander below…

Here we go!

One always starts their hunting by playing some Daytona USA

Then one must take it back a notch to playing the three-screen marvel, TX-1

Wish we could take this one home!

Cockpit is a bit worse for wear, but it’s still functional

Once we exhaust our coins, we get hunting. This is a pretty good start!

Now that is one cool framed movie poster!

The singing budgerigar – with a giant poster inside! Whoa! 

Who you gonna call?

We wonder if we’ll see a The Last Jedi cup in the near future…

Master System games under $15! That is unheard of! *smiles*

Lights, camera, action!

The menacing King Kong Bundy!

Not the VHS tape we were looking for…

Skateboard anyone? Tony Hawk would be proud.

Liberace would’ve loved this phone!

A Fisher Price record player! No way!

Forget the Fisher Price record play, this is what you should play your vinyl on!

Those eyes!!!

Game of Nightmare, anyone?

G.I. Joe! Hang on, Sloth from The Goonies! *mind blown*

Duck Monster? Nah, that’s a P!

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The Thrill Of The Chase: Lost and Found Market

LostandFoundWhat does one do when their weekend schedule is clear? Well, you can choose to lounge around at home to keep warm in this cold Melbourne winter, or you can head outdoors to a flea market to grab yourself a bargain!

As it turned out, Ms ausretrogamer and I did the latter – we hit the Lost & Found Market in Brunswick East for a spot of vintage kitsch shopping. From vinyls, old Barbie dolls, to an Apple Mac from the 80s, the market did not disappoint. Here are just a few of our favourite items from Lost & Found:

They call me Bruce!

What’s that next to the doll?

I’m Batman!

Blessed are those that play Taito’s Speed Race!IMG_1917

Some new AKAIs for the Walkman. Pffft, who needs an iPod….

Forget your smartphone, carry this portable phonograph for your aural pleasure

One for the Star Wars book fans – May the force be with you

Daytonaaaaaaaaa. Let’s race!

Vintage Snoopy mugs – perfect for a hot cuppa!

A Twirly Curls Barbie! And she isn’t blonde!


Do not feed it after midnight – the Mogwai, not the Smurfs!

Daddy and baby robot

Want to be a Jedi like Luke? You better drink from these cups!

Blast some tunes! Grab some records while you are here!

Can this Telyphone operate my telly?

The ultimate tag team!

Rowdy Roddy Piper dare you to enter Piper’s Pit.

Our podcast mic has been found!

Retro boomerangs

Scalextric – your childhood in one box!

A vintage Mac!

Looking for a Marantz unit……..

Perfect for the games room!

The Thrill Of The Chase: Vintage Market

What does one do when all household chores are done and there is time to kill? I know, go hunting! I don’t mean hunting in the wilderness for ‘game’, I mean hunting for inanimate objects like retro gaming gear and vintage toys. Yesterday, while Melbourne turned on the charm, I made plans to go out and hit a few stores. I visited two vintage markets I had not been to in almost 10 months. A lot had changed in that time – lots of varied retro goodies were on offer.

Nice stash of Master System games. Too bad about the price

Nice stash of Master System games. Too bad about the price

Who doesn't love Steve Urkel!

Who doesn’t love Steve Urkel!

These tabletops haven't sold in 10 months!

These tabletops have not sold in 10 months!

Wrestling, old school style

Wrestling, old school style

If this TV has UHF, I am tuning in the C64!

If this TV has UHF, I am tuning in the C64!

To check out the rest of the photos from this expedition, mozy on over to our Facebook album.