Getting Weird And Retro At EB Expo 2016

war_at_ebexpo2016Watch out Sydney, Weird And Retro (WaRriors) are back for another EB Games Expo! This time around, the WaRriors are bringing a plethora of retro gaming systems that will feature over 60 games in the best of old-school gaming.

Players will be able to get hands-on with heaps of retro gaming systems, including the Commodore 64, Atari 2600 and the Super Nintendo to name just a few. No matter how you look at it, there will be plenty of classic games on offer to tickle the nostalgic nerve.

If you are attending EB Expo 2016 (Ed: woohoo, we are!) and are in need of a retro gaming fix, then make sure you swing by the Freeplay area! The WaRriors will be waiting!

Oh yeah, we’ll be live on our social media channels from EB Expo this weekend, so join the #EBExpo conversation!

ebexpo2016_mapsource: EB Expo


Fury Fingers: ‘Pac-Man: Come Out To Play’

FF PacMan - featuredMuch to our delight, our favourite Aussie filmmakers, Fury Fingers, have gone retro with their latest offering: ‘Pac-Man: Come Out To Play‘ – a gritty Pac-Man reboot inspired by the classic movie The Warriors.

FF-PacMan1The film stars the talented fight choreographer Anthony Rinna as Pac-Man and the awesome Sweezy freerunning team as the parkour gang / ghosts. Impressively, it was filmed guerrilla-style in Adelaide over 5 nights for next to nothing.

FF-PacMan2Now enjoy Pac-Man: Come Out To Play – in Fury Fingers’ words ‘the grit has hit the fan!’

Written and Directed by Andrew Shanks
Produced by Andrew Shanks, Anthony Rinna, Nicholas Cleary and Daniel Vink
DOP / Camera – David Gregan
2nd Unit Camera – Andrew Shanks
FX and Picture Grade – Daniel Vink
Post sound aid – Nicholas Cleary
Anthony Rinna as Pacman
Eddie Morrison as Blinky
Andrew Whitehead as Clyde
Henry Nash as Pinky
Thomas Berry as Inky
Ellie Duigan as the DJ
Poster design by Marina Budimir
Ghosts logo design – Mitchell Wheaton
Music by Ben Palk of Big Daddy’s Discotheque

Source: Fury Fingers on YouTube


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