12 Video Game Characters With Identifiable Mental Disorders

Did you ever have an inkling there was something NQR (Not Quite Right) about your favourite video game character? How about that rippling Russian behemoth, Zangief, or that speedy gold-ring eating blue hedgehog, Sonic? I always suspected something about these two. Thank you  to the team at Cracked.com, they have finally released the  dossier on 12 video game characters that may require medical intervention.


source: Cracked.com

Street Fighter: Where Are They Now

Ever wondered what has become of your favourite Street Fighter? Wonder no more! The talented Canadian 2D and 3D artist, Arman Akopian (aka: I-GUYJIN-I) has taken it upon himself to collate and show us what has happened to our favourite Street Fighters in the ‘Street Fighter Chronicles’.

Time hasn’t been too kind to our fighters – did you know that Zangief found God! I am still devastated to what has become of my favourite fighter, Ryu – very sad indeed.




Source: I-GUYJIN