Fear The Walking Dead Hits The Old Vegas Strip!

At the old Las Vegas Strip, Fremont Street will soon be invaded by walkers, zombies for those of you that don’t know what we are on about.

Triotech together with AMC are creating a Fear the Walking Dead interactive survival attraction at the famous Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience! The futuristic interactive haunted house will be permanently installed, with the evacuation warning officially issued this (northern) summer!

This groundbreaking, fully immersive and interactive permanent attraction will feature elaborate sets, all-encompassing audio and video, and Triotech’s world-famous high-tech motion simulator technology.

As soon as visitors enter the facility, they will be immersed in the Fear the Walking Dead universe ‘as if they were there’, a world afflicted by a mysterious epidemic that turns human beings into undead “walkers”. To survive, visitors will have to face their fears and trust their instincts, ultimately escaping back into the real world.

Triotech’s CEO and president, Ernest Yale says, “Fremont Street Experience is a tourist destination known for its unmatched variety of entertainment, making it the perfect home for this futuristic, immersive, interactive attraction”.

It definitely seems that the level of authenticity will be unmatched with visitors expected to recognise many of the scenes and characters from the hit AMC TV show. Expect a lot of walkers and heaps of scary stuff!


Resident Evil: Surviving The Horror

Wow, when Resident Evil was released on this day (March 22) in 1996, who would have thought that we would be talking about it all these years later!

Our first encounter with Resident Evil was quite memorable. Upon loading the game on our Playstation, we were subjected to some cheesy B-grade acting, but it was the rabid zombie dog at the end of the intro sequence that scared the pants off us when watching it at the dead of night – we still have nightmares!

We quickly learn that Raccoon City is a foreboding place, where an outbreak of the T-Virus (created as a bio-weapon by the Umbrella Corporation) starts spreading from the nearby Arklay Mountains, turning humans into zombies and other creatures into horrifying monsters. The protagonists, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, both members of the Alpha S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) special forces from the Raccoon Police Department (RPD) are trapped in the Spencer mansion, attempting to find out what all the eeriness is about. This is where things get interesting in this awesome survival horror game; from encountering supernatural enemies – some that make you jump off the couch, to finding typewriter ribbons to save your progress and the dread you feel when opening a door to transition to another room, there were scares aplenty!

Interestingly, the game is known as Biohazard in its native Japan. When the Biohazard project kicked off, Capcom were planning a spiritual remake of their 1989 horror game Sweet Home. Once they found that a DOS game had registered the Biohazard title in the US, the company held an internal contest to choose a new name. This contest lead to the title, Resident Evil, which we know and love outside of Japan. Resident Evil/Biohazard was also first to be dubbed a ‘survival horror’ game – the term coined for the new genre.

Capcom weren’t convinced that Resident Evil would do well, with sales projections pencilled in at just 200,000. Once critical acclaim was widespread, Capcom were truly gobsmacked when Resident Evil went on to move 5.8 million copies (original, Director’s Cut and Director’s Cut DualShock), making it a massive hit.

Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter to tell us about your most memorable encounter or scary moment from the original Resident Evil. Oh, and a ‘Jill Sandwich’ is a thing!

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Fury Fingers Films

Australian film-makers ‘Fury Fingers Films’ make funny live action films about video games with plenty of bad-ass action and visual FX.

Fury Fingers was started by film school friends Nicholas Cleary, Andrew Shanks, Daniel Vink and David Gregan. Talented stuntman and fight choreographer Anthony Rinna is the most recent addition to the team (aka the 5th Beatle).


Making films has allowed the guys to develop and showcase their skills as visual effects artists, and become confident directing action, working with stunt / fight choreographers and parkour artists. Their next challenge is to learn about rope work and pyrotechnics (wow!). All their hard work has been worthwhile too, with big players such as Konami and Crystal Dynamics (among others) taking notice of Fury Fingers’ awesome films. Look out for their upcoming Tomb Raider fan film featuring Melbourne-based cosplayer Shiveeejam.

Watch a selection of their fantastic films below, and be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel, like their Facebook page, and follow them on Twitter to keep up to date with their latest projects because these guys are going places!

Fury Fingers Channel Trailer

Video source: Fury Fingers Films on YouTube

Gritty Mario World

Video source: Fury Fingers Films on YouTube

Sleeping With The Enemy – Metal Gear Solid Fan Film

Video source: Fury Fingers Films on YouTube

Day Of The Living Dead Batteries

Video source: Fury Fingers Films on YouTube

The Best Of Us – The Last of Us Fan Film

Video source: Fury Fingers Films on YouTube

Boxhound – Metal Gear Solid Fan Film

Video source: Fury Fingers Films on YouTube

Looters – Elder Scrolls Fan Film

Video source: Fury Fingers Films on YouTube


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Pixel Baz: Awesome Pixel Art Mashups

There’s not much to say about Pixel Baz‘s pixel art retrogaming/movie mashups other than they are a whole lot of fun. I would happily play all these games!

Pixels Assemble!

I Have Come Here To Chew Bubblegum And Play Video Games… And I’m All Out Of Bubblegum

Solid Snake Plissken: Escape From New York

Get Away From Her, You Pix(els)!

Game Over Man, Game Over!

All Work And No Video Games Makes Jack A Dull Boy

Dawn Of The Dead Hunt

Super Night Watch Bros.

Donkey (Ice) King

Dalek Kong 

Pixels Of The Lost Ark

It’s Dangerous To Go 88MPH! Use This

It’s Dangerous To Time Travel! Take This

It’s Dangerous To Tron Alone! Take This

Source: Pixel Baz


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Gore & Watch: Zombie Feeding Frenzy

ZombieFeedingFrenzyHave you got a hankering to play a Game & Watch style zombie game on your Android device? Well, look no further! Pixelation Studios have mashed together some zombies and humans with Gunpei Yokoi’s handheld wonderment to bring you Zombie Feeding Frenzy.

With two distinct game modes, everyone is catered for – from the nostalgists wanting a classic G&W style game, to the arcade enthusiasts wanting to immerse themselves in a full-on feeding frenzy with awesome graphics and power-ups. Both game modes have their own individual highscore tables for the competitive types, so get munching on some humans and get Zombie Feeding Frenzy now, it’s free!