The 72-bit Powerhouse

JagCore Engine

On our social media network we asked the following question: “what two classic consoles would you merge to form one classic (hybrid) system?”. The responses were many and varied – from the predictable marriage of the SNES and Mega Drive, to the totally radical sounding Dreamstar 64 (Dreamcast plus the C64).

My entry into this hybrid merge of two classic consoles would be the 72-bit JagCore Engine – Forged by the gaming gods in a super nova billions of light years away. More BITS equals more fun! Do the New Math! That would be the advertising pitch if the SNK marketing folks were involved in selling the union between these vintage systems.

Some of the highlights of the JagCore Engine would include the sliding feature: sliding the CoreGrafx component on top of the Jaguar reveals the cartridge slot to play classic games like Tempest 2000 and AVP. Once you are tired of the Jaguar titles, you just plug in a HuCard and blast away aliens in one of the many awesomely cool shoot’em ups from the PC-Engine library.
Well, you can keep on dreaming.

What two classic consoles would you merge to make your perfect gaming system?



  1. L. Lokakuu says

    Sounds neato! When can I get my hands on one? ;o