The Exotic Neo Geo Console

I am a big fan of creative (and talented) peeps that tinker and create wonderful gaming gear, especially the one-of-a-kind creations!

As you may have guessed, we are huge fans of SNK’s Neo Geo range, especially their MVS and AES systems. We had recently been stalking the Neo Geo market for something special and different. To our pleasant surprise, we stumbled upon a country that seemed to be the hotbed for exotic Neo Geo creations – Spain! Yep, Spain! Those Spaniards don’t cut corners when it comes to making their wares standout, a case in point being this sleek and shiny consolized Neo Geo MVS beauty!

Shiny and sleek!

With great effort going into the presentation of the console, its metallic case and gorgeous curves ooze contemporary industrial design that even Xbox and Playstation owners would be envious of! To compliment its great looks, this consolized MVS beast has video (SCART/RGB/S-Video) and audio (stereo composite) outputs that would definitely raise the hairs on the back of your neck when playing your favourite MVS titles!

Before you ask about the controls and other internals, the console has two SNK Neo Geo AES/CD joystick ports, with credit buttons for each player to rack up the play credits (Ed: woo hoo, no more 20c coins required). Oh yeh, the rig is complimented with Universe BIOS (UniBIOS), giving you a feature-rich list of options.

When it comes to playing games on this console, the visuals are a tour-de-force on any old-school CRT and even on newer TVs (plasma/LCD), we kid you not! We can finally put away the AES and Phantom-1, as this one-of-a-kind MVS console provides us that Neo Geo gaming hit we need!

Turn me on, baby!

Rack up the credits!

A voluptuous rear end


Match cartridge with arrow, or else!