The PC-Engine SD and Sega OMega Drive

There are DIY’ers and then there are people that surpass even the best industrial designers of gaming hardware at companies like Nintendo and Sega.

Marcel J. de Haan from the STARFORCE PI (SFP) Development team has shown their latest creations, which lets admit it, are absolutely and astonishingly amazing! Both the PC-Engine SD and Sega OMega Drive Dedicated Oldschool Entertainment System (DOES) (Ed: Sega DOES what Nintendon’t! Very clever!) designs are a work of engineering feat and art that totally blow us away. You can check out the specs of each system by clicking on their respective links.

If you haven’t already done so, also check out their equally beautiful STARFORCE PI Electronic Tabletop Mini-Arcade and STARFORCE NEO creations – be warned, you will be drooling!