The Sega Saturn Laptop That Will Give You Wood!

Oo’er, this is one slick portable wooden Sega Saturn!

c_mon’s creation is the first Sega Saturn laptop we have ever seen, and definitely the one and only wooden Sega Saturn lappie! Oh yeah, don’t get too excited about buying one, this was a commissioned piece for one lucky gamer.

For posterity’s sake, here are the specs:

  • CNC-cut wood with CNC artwork / engraving
  • 5″ Sony PSOne screen
  • Standard Sega Saturn controller ports
  • Power and Reset buttons
  • Cooling fan
  • EL wire used to look stylish
  • Stereo sound with composite video
  • 9V 4A DC adaptor

image source: Chevy presents totally awesome tuesadays via bitfixgaming