The Thrill Of The Chase

Vintage Market

As the saying goes, “the thrill is in the chase”. As an avid curator of video games of the retro kind, and lover of vintage toys, I can attest to this notion – there is nothing like the adrenaline rush you get when hunting an old game or that Six Million Dollar Man figurine you had from the 70’s.

vintage_tabletops_ausretrogamer        vintage_startrek_ausretrogamer        vintage_ljf_ausretrogamer

The allure of the hunt is intoxicating, and when you ‘find’ your prey, it is like a “hit” (or should that be “fix”?). I embark on these ‘retro gaming hunts’ on a regular basis – it is the rush that I am seeking from trying to find my prey. It is  a guilty pleasure that does not hurt anyone (except for my hip pocket). Even when the hunt is fruitless, the passion lingers to hunt again.

vintage_pacman_ausretrogamer        vintage_starwars_ausretrogamer        vintage_MOTU_ausretrogamer

From time to time, you find a place that jolts your adrenal gland – just like the hipster vintage market I found in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Looking at the photos, you get the idea of the gear that is available in this place – from vintage toys to electronic games. It is easy to get your ‘fix’ by looking, but the hand-to-wallet twitch is ever present.

For your photo fix, check out the entire album here

If you have any adrenaline inducing stories, please share them with us. There is nothing like the release of epinephrine and dopamine – it feels great!


Try hooking up your C64 or NES to one of these vintage beauties



  1. Hi Matey, do you have full address for this place?

    I would like to visit it 🙂

    The new site looks great by the way