Thrill Of The Chase: The Dark Amiga

CDTV_1Don’t you just love when things happen unexpectedly? Well, this past week’s events were mind blowingly unexpected!

I was called by my great friend and fellow Press Play On Tape co-host, Daz (also from Retro Domination fame) to let me know that he had taken a trip up north and during his travels had found a Commodore CDTV! Not only was the CDTV complete with transmitter/mouse, remote, keyboard and a fair bit of software, Daz asked if I would be interested in the bundled deal for myself. Firstly, I was humbled that a friend thought of me when they came across something quite rare and unique, and secondly, the offer for me to buy it and for them to transport it back was an offer too good to refuse. To say I was excited would be a gross understatement – I made the offer, the seller accepted and Daz transported the CDTV bundle safely back to Melbourne.

To Daz and Pete (Console Domination), thanks heaps for thinking of me and giving me the opportunity to grab another retro gaming holy grail – you guys rock! As for what do I think of the CDTV? Well, let’s just say that the Amiga 500 has made room for it *winks*

She is a beauty!

Connections galore!

Oo’er, early 90s multimedia software!

Looking forward to do some Sherlocking!

Remote control your CDTV life!

The all-in-one control centre (transmitter)!

Now we can turn the CDTV into a full blown Amiga 500!

It’s alive!

We asked Daz to show us what else he found on his ‘retro road trip’ and without fail, Daz provided us with some mouthwatering photos, saying that they speak for themselves. We agree *wiping drool*

The beautiful C128!

Great to see a TI-99 out in the wild!

Oh wow, more TI computers!

Atari ST represent!


The loot is in the boot!Daz_0



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